• How to Prevent Sibling Rivalry from Destroying family Structure

    The intention of sibling rivalry is to destroy the strength of a potentially strong family and to dishonor the parental competencies of fathers and mothers. Strong families are dedicated to

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  • Fighting financial struggle in Marriage and How to Escape the Final Blow

    The prolonged struggle to make ends meet and always coming up short on the basic necessities of living can and often does destroy marriages. Seeing others, including family, friends, and

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  • Is it fair to rely on first impressions?

    Relying on first impressions to determine the quality of a relationship is a big mistake.  No one can know or understand the depths of a person until significant time has been spent together.

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  • How Much Should You Realistically Speed on an Engagement Ring?

    The inability to afford an expensive wedding ring for your woman doesn’t make you any less of a man. Not at all! So there is no need to feel ashamed or inadequate. The most important thing is to

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  • Creating a New Addiction-How to Make Your Man Addicted to You

    A dynamic, sustainable relationship should be filled with magnetism, continual growth, and excitement.  A woman who desires to take her relationship with her man to the next level will

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Amazon Deals: Shop Now and Save

Shopping at Amazon has become so prevalent that some of the best name brand stores are struggling mightily to compete and hold their share of the marketplace. Amazon shoppers has no particular


The Significance of Gratefulness in My Life

The expression of gratitude creates within us a sense of peace, joy, and contentment regarding our lives and affairs. Although I might not have all the things I desire, I am grateful for many

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Snow Storm in Brooklyn Center Minnesota

The snow in Brooklyn Center Minnesota is getting worse by the hour. You can hardly see in front of you due to blowing sheets of stinging snow. People are falling down and injuring their knees and