Top 3 Mental Traps to Greatness and How to Escape Them


Thinking powerful thoughts about yourself will go a long way in paving the way to greatness not only in a career or profession but also in growth and character. No well-known person ever neglected nurturing their minds with progressive thoughts. However, you must rid yourself three of the most powerful mental and verbal hindrances to greatness.

I Want Everybody to Accept Me
Fear of what others may think of you is a trap that needs to be immediately broken if you are going to be successful in anything. This mentality represents a poor self-image. It is a tendency to place the values of others above your own value.

However, every human being on the face of the earth has value because God created it to be that way. No one is left behind in God’s eyesight. In fact those that appear to be the least likely to succeed has more value in the mind of God than any person who is gifted in fame and popularity.
So your best bet is to turn your back on the thought that you are not worthy. You are worthy a million times more than you can imagine. No matter how much time you thank you have wasted or how many opportunities you have lost, it is still more than enough time to embrace your worthiness. Do not fail.
I Am Not Good Enough to Succeed
Never think that you are not good enough. Many well-known people are tormented by this erroneous belief. The have fallen into the trap of trying to prove themselves over and over again. Don’t allow this to happen to you.
If you vow to this trap, you will constantly be comparing yourselves to others. This is a destructive mistake originating from dangerous thoughts about your worth. For instance, if I keep comparing myself to Judy, then there will come a time I will be jealous of Judy whenever I see her ability to be a people magnet, a successful business woman or a proud stay-at-home mom with plenty of money.
Although these are great privileges to have, they don’t determine your worth. Some of the most riches people in in the world feel unworthy. Therefore, always think the best of yourself as well as the best of others. It doesn’t matter who they are nor were that come from. Your respect for others will increase your respect for yourself, resulting in a great does of self-esteem.

It Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything Toward My Growth Today
The habit of not being committed enough to the growth of your character is fault that must be eliminated right away if you desire to beat laziness and procrastination. These two twin mental disease have killed the dream of millions across the world. They are trapped in their own delusions that things are going to get better someday.
Commitment to the dream of becoming a great person in character is the hallmark of character building. You must be committed to developing a brand new you. You must understand that there is treasure within you that must be brought out. The only way to bring it out is through commitment, persistence in the face of inners resistance and a passion to be your best self.
Mental traps are our prisons on the earth. Breakthrough any of them and you will experience a life of growth and freedom.



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