United States, Europe & the Refugee Crisis: The Way Forward

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The flood of refugees from Syria and Iraq entering into Europe has become an intensifying and dangerous crisis. Nations such as Germany and France has closed borders with barbed wire fences to restrain the influx of homeless men, women and children from the war torn Middle East.
The purpose of this commentary is to suggest recommendations for eradicating the refugee crisis and perhaps bringing back peace to Syria and Iraq.
With a compassionate desire to solve the immediate problem and an intelligent, bold initiative to destroy the ISIS idea, the nations can cause peace to return to the Middle East and the World.

Moral Conscience
However, if the good nations of the world refuse to resolve the refugee crisis due to politics and bureaucracy, then the livelihood of millions will be at stake. Many will succumb to sickness, diseases, starvation, chilly wind and the coldness of winter.
If this happens, what does it say about the nations? The moral conscience of the world cannot allow such a humanitarian disaster. Therefore, resolutions must be made separate and apart from politics.
The Doors of Our Hearts
An immediate, ideal solution, is for peace loving nations (the one who have not yet volunteered to accept refugees) to open up their doors and accept as many refugees as possible. The people of the nation should also be willing too. The ultimate goal is the peace of conscience and the soothing of tormented souls.
The resolution of acceptance must be introduced to the world from a broad stage such as the United Nations. Then it must be executed without delay. Millions of lives are at stake.
Nations currently at peace, including the United States and Great Briton should be at the ready to accept tens of thousands of refugees soon (the United States has agreed to accept tens of thousands in the following year). The good deed will be recognized by the Universe, resulting in good fortune for those willing nations.
The Long Term Solution
Now what is the long team solution? Once again the destruction of ISIS depends on the collaborative and bold action of peace loving nations. The ISIS ideas must be eradicated once and for all. The destruction of ideology of this group must be swift and without mercy. God will take the lead in such destruction.
God, the Universe and Consequences
For those who consider Holy books to be impactful will be aware of how God feel about those who shed innocent blood. “When the wicked do rise and spread themselves like an evergreen tree, it is that they must be destroyed forever.” So we see that the Universe is against such promotion of wicked by any group or nation. The destruction of Nazi Germany was God’s will. Wicked nations or groups may prevail for a while, but only to invite their own doom. No wicked person or nation can escape this fate. It has already been established by the heavens.
In order to free up Syria and Iraq from ISIS, the nations must go after this infamous movement. Foot soldiers must be a part of the victory equation. Bombing from the air may delay for a while, but the real victory must come with a cost. Great victories are not won without a price. This is basic knowledge that cannot be pushed aside, regardless of our new war inventions designed to escape danger and loss. War is never easy or pretty.
The Moral Call of Victory and Peace
Nevertheless, victory is calling the peaceful nations of the world. It is calling the leaders. It is calling the soldiers. It is calling the everyday person. Don’t look the others way. If you see people homeless, starving (men, women and children) don’t look the other way. The moral excellence of nations is at hand.
Let the heavens and the universe guide us in our acceptance of the refugees who desire only to return to their land when peace is established. The ultimate goal is peace.

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