Winning the Game: the Secret of the Getting into the Zone


Games are won by great athletes who get themselves into a zone where victory can be the only outcome. Great sports icons such as LeBron James, Tom Brady and Serena Williams constantly won and still win because of their ability to enter into the nucleus of the success zone.
How does a great athlete zone up for a game? Whether you are a member of a high school, college or professional sports team, the following tips will empower and transform you into a surefire winner regardless of your type of sports.

The biggest mistake that also-runs often make is to allow distractions regarding their feelings about themselves and what others think about them to stop their reach for the zone of success. They entertain these thoughts before the game begins. But this is always the way of failure.
In order to prepare to enter a zone, an athlete must believe in and stir up that inner fire of passion that has caused him to be up for the game. When you activate this inner fire, it takes over the consciousness in the thrill of the moment. You become unstoppable.
Stirring up the inner flame, involves a mental and verbal ritual that many sports icons practice long before the game begins.


In order to get into a zone, you must visualize and meditate on the outcome days before the game begins. I call this Medi-Visualization. When you can see yourself doing whatever you need to do to win, magic occurs. All your movements, thoughts and vibrations combine to make your vision materialize. Intense visualization, with meditation brings an almost supernatural ability to your game.
Your vibrations become so high that it overtakes all negative energy directed toward you. Your pathway is made plain. The inner flame is set ablaze. You believe that you cannot lose and you will not lose. The power of the zone defies all obstacles.

See No Obstacles

Obstacles are an illusion to those who win the game time and time again. When you think that you can be stopped by someone, then you will. The very thought creates a self-fulling prophecy. Failure is succumbing to a delusion. Those who are in the zone move forward regardless of what appears to stand in the way. They may not score, but something happens to move the team forward. In basketball, this may be a foul called on an opponent. In football, what may help the team is an interception from the opposing quarter back.
Whatever the magical break may be, moving forward, hope against hope, makes great things occur for the team. Athletes who know this secret don’t draw back in timidity. They get up and go get the prize.
Flow in winning comes when all doubts and fears about your ability to succeed in life are put aside forever. Whoever adapts this attitude, will gain victory after victory with accelerated consistency.
Your reputation as great player multiplies in the eyes of your fans as well as in the eye of all great sports icons. The more an athlete embraces the zone of success, the more he promotes himself among the greatest of all time.

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