In The Footsteps Of Pope Francis: Opening the Door for Acceptance

The visitation of Pope Francis to American was an enlightening experience for tens of thousands Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Thongs of people crowded to streets of Washington, New York and Philadelphia to see Pope Francis parade through the streets.
Such glorified response toward Pope Francis demonstrates America’s desire for a leader that represents peace for all mankind without exception. A great leader for peace will strive to put an end to all manner of suffering and torment. Pope Francis is a symbol for Unity. His very presence transformed the lives of common as well as powerful people. For example, the Speaker of the House decided to resign after an encounter with the Pope and message he brought.

Playing the Pope: The Symbolism of Peace and Love
However, it shouldn’t take Pope Francis to come to America in order to create awareness for peace and love. I am not taking anything from the Pope’s desire to visit America. I am sure he will be welcomed with open arms anytime. But what I am suggesting is that any person in America can represent the righteous symbolism of the Pope.
You, I or anyone can create great value by promoting peace and love within our communities. We can go about encouraging and helping others to experience joy in life. The mistake that the majority of us Americans make is to think that we don’t count when it comes to social transformation. We often think that the other person are better for the job. Not true. We are equipped to take the initiative.
Like Pope Francis, you can stroll through your neighborhood with a message of peace, love and gratitude. All it takes is a small of amount of courage, compassion and connectivity. Embrace those who are suffering, bless the poor and comfort the Elderly with assurance of safety and security. This is all it takes.
The Call for a Transformed America
In America, the need for leaders who outwardly symbolizes peace is overwhelmingly in demand in thousands of communities who have lost hope for goodness and grace. Unfortunately, many priest, clergymen and preachers stay within the four walls of the church, never gracing the community with their spiritual power and presence.
As a result, in many oppressive environments, people see only hopelessness and despair. Many poverty stricken communities can use the presences of peace representative every day of the year. Violent culture cannot produce the spirit of love and welcome-ness. People who live in oppressive environments desire to feel accepted and valued. The lack of this experience leads young men and women to turn to gangs and toxic activity.
The Awareness of an Universal Bond
The humble presence of Pope Francis is a powerful piece of symbolism for creating awareness that we are all brothers and sisters moving toward a common destination. We all desire to be loved and accepted, to experience joy and peace. So why fight against each other, tooth and nail. Playing the part of a peace maker moves the heart of God. Pope Francis’ visit to America gives our society a boost in creating a peace and love initiative. For many, the memory of Pope Francis’ visit will last a lifetime.