The key to Marital Success: Rituals of Romance

The distractions of daily grind have a way of taking our attention off our spouses. When we do this the affection and intimacy in the marriage begins to unravel. When we neglect the desires and needs of our partner due to busy schedules and other preoccupations our marriage may suffer from uncertainty and confusion.
But if we want to sustain the intimacy of our marriage and keep the vitality in it, we must give constant attention to the rituals of romance. Many couples make the mistake of becoming too familiar with one another after marriage. Grooming, dating and terms of endearment fade away and the marriage becomes stale and boring. But in order to keep the spice in a marriage strong, the couple must apply the rituals of romance on a consistent basis. There are many rituals of romance but here are a few vital ones that should be demonstrated:

• Going for romantic walks in the morning and evening
• Dressing up to go out for dinner date
• Romantic getaways in a local hotel
• Discussing intimate desires and expectations that you would like your partner to fulfill
• Celebrating anniversary on exotic Islands, if only a once in a lifetime experience
• Watch a movie together once or twice a week
• Surprising one another with romantic poems or cards
• Wearing sexing clothing that stirs the romantic fire of your relationship
• Buying your spouse a gift that symbolizing your passion for him or her
• Singing or dedicating a love song that has significant meaning for him or her
• Calling home or on the job just to say “I love you.”
• Embracing and wishing each other a blessed day before leaving home in the morning
• Having breakfast in bed together
• Taking time to evaluate the progress of the marriage, perhaps over coffee and tea in the morning

The constant practice of romantic rituals reassures our partners that we are still deeply in love with them. The rituals provide a sense of intimacy and importance. When we neglect theses rituals due to constant distractions the marriage begin to progress toward a downward spiral which may be difficult to recover from without counseling. Marriages that are in trouble may experience such symptoms as:
• A sense of neglect
• Jealousy and suspicion
• Anger and bitterness
• Feelings of inadequacy in terms of pleasing one another
• Uncertainty of the other’s feelings regarding the relationship

When a couple begins to experience these symptoms the time has come to set down and examine the directions in which the marriage is headed. The earlier a couple jump on these emerging problems, the more damage will be prevented. Divorce is not the answer except in extreme cases of physical, psychological, or verbal abuse. Couple who care about the vows that made will attempt to savage the marriage, and once accomplished, restate their vows.
Start today to reignite the passion in your marriage with the rituals of romance. Don’t wait until divorce court becomes a factor. Studies show that many couples who divorce and remarry find themselves faces with the same type of challenges that occurred in the first marriage. The bottom line is that each couple must work through the challenges that occur in the relationship in order to grow stronger in love and character. Don’t forget the God factor. Couples who have made it through the struggles have come out smelling like roses when turning to their higher power for strength and assurance. The marriage becomes stronger and the love is hotter. Therefore make it a priority to be like couples who have made it through the fiery trials and have emerged victorious in their relationships. You’ll be set for a lifetime of love and adventure.