The Secret Behind John Legend’s Popularity for Social Change

John Legend, an American singer and song writer, is symbolic of what a song artist should be when instilling a positive vibe into the American culture. As evidenced in his music, Mr. Legend’s goal is to provide positive music not only for strengthening romantic relationships, but also for influencing social change.
His smooth, soothing music is designed to build up society and people’s perspective toward one another as loving creatures. This approach is very critical for a song artist in this present time period. The world needs artist such as him to help lead society toward unity and acceptance. Music indeed plays a very significant role in influencing society to go right or left.
John Legend’s is the winner of nine Grammy awards, a tangible proof that his songs of love and unity have influenced humanity in a powerful way. Some of his most influential songs include:

All of Me
You & I
Ordinary People

These have instilled love and joy in the hearts of millions around the world. The lyrics bring attention to the positive side of the human condition with a comforting voice and soothing sounds of comfort and joy.
Up and coming artist, such as those on American Idol or the Voice as well as YouTube sensations can learn a great deal from John Legend when it comes to spreading positive messages of love and change.
In order to spread a positive message in music a young artist has to have a heart for people and the desire to help resolve their problems. The mistake that many beginning song artist make is to jump into the type of music encourages conflict, immorality and shallowness in thought, word and deed. Such music, although it may be the most popular does nothing to influence society or the human condition for the better.
The most awarding thing about songs that influence positivity in society is that if an artist is consistence in his message, he or she will not remain unknown. People are hungry for inspiration because life is distressing for everyone every once and a while. Therefore go for the Reach despite what others say or think.
Artist who appreciate the spirit of unity in society don’t consider money a priority. The dynamic call for good will among family, friends and neighbors is the most significant goal. Artist such a John Legend may not be as popular as the top hip hop artist of the music industry. Iconic song artist such as Beyoncé, Rhianna, and Taylor Swift may dominate the music industry but the majority of their songs do little to instill positive messages of that are capable of transforming the human condition toward love, unity and peace on earth.