How To Maintain A Father’s Presence in the Home


A father’s presence is the strength of a home. That is why a Father’s should never disappear for long lengths of time from his family, especially when there are small children relying on him. Of course, a father cannot be there physically all the time. That is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, he should maintain a presence in the home by several other means.
To refuse to be present for his family in good times and bad, a father forsakes his God-given responsibility as a visionary and disciplinary figure in the home and community. The livelihood of his family will suffer and the behavior of his children will embarrass him because they may have no purpose, direction or strength.
The Display of Genuine Care
In order to maintain a presence in the home, a father must show that he cares about his family more than he cares about himself. He must deny himself when necessary. The happiness of his family must be top priority because this is his duty in the earth. A father who supports his family well is honored by God and the universe.
The Impact of a Father’s Presence
A father who creates a presence doesn’t just do things out of obligation. A great father does things out of love for his wife and children. He spends time with them, including going for family walks, hugging them when they come home from school, encouraging and helping them with their homework, rewarding them they make the right choices.
He shows appreciation for his wife by treating her to dinner, taking her shopping to buy something she wants and taking her away on a relaxing vacation from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. He knows that taking care of a family, with all its demands, can easily create stress and burnout.
Whenever his family is in pain or sickness, the father must be with them, regardless if there’s physical or emotional pain. A father’s strength is crucial during these darkest times.
The Curse of Neglect
Creating a father’s presence requires such dramatic rituals. Neglecting his family or putting himself first is the curse of a father upon his family. When he goes away, the family will not feel or miss his presence.
The Impact of Keeping Communication Lines Open
So how does a father maintain a presence if he has to go away for a while. The most powerful way is to have loved his family so dearly that his presence is felt even when he is gone away. However, a father can be presence in other ways, thanks to technology. For example, a family can stay connected with their father through skype, and other social media, including face book, twitter, google +, You tube, Instagram, phone calls, and texting.
When a father can maintain one or two of these communication lines to send love notes and encouragements to his family, he can maintain a significant presence with the ones who depends upon his strength, love and direction.
A father’s presence is crucial to his family. Strong homes and well-disciplined children are the products of a father who is truly there. He is not just a man in the house or a bread winner. He is an inspiration and sense of security for everyone. He is an absolute father.

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