The Secret of Great Wedding Photography: Rising above the Pictures Takers


Great Wedding photographers must embrace a spirit of entrepreneurship if they truly desire to stay competitive in the business. An inspiring wedding photographer must do things to separate himself from picture takers. The difference is important. With the array of smartphones in which a picture can be taken an in instant and transferred to face book or twitter, a wedding photography do more than just take pictures. He or she must create pictures.
A great photography must be able to get the pictures that no one else can. He must astonish the wedding party with the beauty of uncommon shots. When potential customers aske to see his or her work, they must see photographs they have never seen before. If his pictures are no greater than the ones snapped by smartphones, his business is in trouble.
Setting Yourself Apart
In order to become a great wedding photographer, an individual must be creative enough to take pictures that no one else would. The imagination is the key. Imagine what it would be like for the bride and groom to be photographed upon the stairway or while walking down a wooded path during an outdoor wedding or fishing in a pond while surrounded by beautiful butterflies.
The Imagination: It’s Your Money
To become a great wedding photographer, you imagination must become your money. You must not be afraid to be bold and fearless when photographing the wedding. Every aspect of the wedding must be under your control, if in fact, you are the main photographer. The most crucial and creative shots you must photograph are the wedding ceremony, which consists of the bride and groom coming down the aisle, a picture of them standing before the minister, the moment of ring placements and the “kiss the bride” highlights. These are crucial shots that must not be missed. However, to separate yourself you should be highly creative in capturing these shots.
Boldness to Take Control from Picture takers
Boldness comes into play when you have to kindly ask the pictures takers to step aside while you get the crucial shots. If you are timid, then you are not a candidate for greatness in photography. Wonderful pictures that trigger great memories don’t come without courage playing an important role.
Great wedding photographers are also passionate about their work. Night and day they strive to perfect their craft, coming up with innovative ways to please the bride and groom. Offering a number of creative packages to choose from, the wedding photographer presents samples of his best work and asks the bride to imagine herself in such scenario.
Boldness to Set the Right Price
Outstanding wedding photographers are also bold enough to set the right price for their service. You too must be courageous enough. People have a habit of attempting to get off cheap if they can, especially if it is family members who are asking for a photographer. However, you must set your price and not back down. If you think your work is worth it and you have set yourself apart from the picture takers and your work is exceptional, then you must stand your ground against those wishing for more for less. You family members may not like it, but they will respect you for your resolve.
Crucial Questions you Should Ask
So before you embark on becomes a great wedding photography, you must ask yourself a series of questions:
• Am I willing to do whatever it takes to separate myself from pictures takers?
• Am I bold enough to control the wedding ceremony, including the bride and groom and the entire bridle party?
• Am I willing to set the right price for my work and stand by it without caving in to giving more for less?
If you are willing to do these things and still find that you are passionate about becoming a great wedding photographer then you are on the right track. Go forward. Meet people, and experience the joy of creating outstanding wedding photographs.

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