Why the United States and Europe Should be Alarmed By Russian Aggression in the Syria?

The reaction of the world to Russia’s involvement in the Middle East should come as no surprise to those who already sense Russia’s desire for reputation and expansion. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow position and authority in the world has been weakened by lack and limitations in money and resources.
Now in addition to sanctions implied by the United States and Europe over the Ukraine issue, Russia is looking for some kind of redemption to make itself look Strong on the world’s stage. Going in militarily and helping Assad defeat all opposition to the throne of Syria will undoubtedly make Russia a powerful world player that must be reckoned with.
By getting militarily involved in the Middle East, Russia establishes three things. Putin assures Russia’s access to the Middle East by keeping Assad in power, he gains a reputation for a major player on the world stage, and he makes a statement to the United States and Europe.
Keeping Assad in Power
Russia’s biggest fear is that of Assad being topped, not only by Issi, but most of all by the Syrian trained rebels who have been battling the Assad regime since the Arab Spring. If Assad is toppled by the United States Syrian trained rebels, then Russia’s stake in the Middle East is highly limited.
Reputation as a Major Player
If Russia defeats the Islamic State and frees the Middle East from their terror, Putin will appear as a hero to millions in the Arab world. With the exception of a few Arab nations, including Sadia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the Middle Eastern world will choose Russia as the go to nation when major problems can’t be resolved by a single nation.
Russia’s Statement to the United States and Europe
Russia’s recent deployment of troops and advanced weaponry in Syria is designed to make a statement to the United States and Europe that Russia is ready confront any threats against its solvency as a Nation with the power to take the lead in on the world stage. Russia is taking advantage of the U.S and Europe’s lack of strong response against Middle Eastern Dangers.
Stop me if you can. This is Russia’s silent statement. The sanctions are not so crippling that they can bring Russia to its knees. The goal for Russia is to prove to the world that it is a nation that knows how to resolve problems and also knows how to stand its ground against those who attempt to bring humiliation to the nation of Russia.

The Demand for Strong Response
The truth is that the Russian initiative calls for a response from the United States and Europe, who so far, has gone no further than passively applying sanctions. However, this approach has proved to be largely ineffective, both in Russia and Iran. The people of these nations may suffer, but the government remains the same.
What the United States and Europe must do to counteract Russia’s aggressiveness is to make strong initiatives themselves. They must take a more aggressive approach to resolving the world’s problems, especially he United States, a nation that was once known as the “hammer of the earth”. The U.S must regain its reputation if it wants to be a deterrent to the ambition of rogue nations
Avoiding The Curse of Passiveness
Standing back, unwilling to get aggressively involves, often results in a worst case scenario where a person or nation is dragged into a conflict, reluctantly. This is how the universe operates. Remember World War Two when the U.S reluctance to get involves resulted in an attack on American Soil by the Empire of Japan.
Regardless if it is a person or nation, passivity in the face of aggression is a curse ready to be unleased in unexpected times.
War cannot be avoided. Evil is in the world. Good is in the world. But Good must stand against evil with strong mentality and force. Otherwise evil will spread and prevail.