Attention: Becoming Fashionable

Enjoying life doesn’t come easy. All of us would love to have plenty of acceptance, friends and money to express a sense of freedom and pass the years with joy and gladness. However, if we want this kind of lifestyle, even though it may be only among our circle of influence (family, friends, neighbors and community), we have to change our perspective about life and ourselves. One way to do this is by becoming more fashionable.
The activity of being fashionable has many advantages. First of all, you get to express who you desire to truly be regardless of what anyone thinks. Most of our lives are spent wondering whether or not we are accepted by others. To please others we adjust our thinking, talking and presentation of ourselves in hope of being liked by those we admire.
True Fashionableness
However, the beginning of true fashionableness begins with how we feel about ourselves and how comfortable we are in our own skin. Once we have accepted the deep uniqueness within us and have no problem in expressing it, then we are on the road to becoming fashionable.
Once we have accepted our true nature, flaws and all, then we can express ourselves outwardly in garments and jewelry. If we are inwardly free, then we choose the style of dress that will portray our attitude and temperament. When we combine attitude and dress, then we are able captivate people with our fashions statements.
Hollywood: Hallmark of Fashion
For example, if we look at the celebrities in Hollywood, we desire to dress like them because of their ability to express themselves inwardly. Their personality attracts us and we want to imitate everything they do, including wearing the same clothing design.
Why Designers Choose Stars?
Designers are smart people. They choose those celebrities that are confident in expressing who they really are. Designers know that people love transparency. So they get stars to display new clothing designs. Celebrities of every status, including song artist, actor, actresses, famous athletes, and even popular political figures, including Michele Obama often are choosing to introduce new clothing designs on the world stage.
So you see that becoming fashionable doesn’t require taking a course in fashion design or attend a modeling school in order to one day appear on America’s top model or have you pictures grazing the cover of the world’s top magazines, including Vogue. No being fashionable is the expression of confidence in whatever you desire to do.
Why People Will Celebrate You?

As a fashionable person, people will find you. They will follow you. They will always desire to be around you.
As I stated above, you can be fashionable in your own circle of influence. When you choose a style of dress and consistently match it with personality, you shine brightly in the sigh of those around you. Others feel good around you and are inspired by your positivity. When you become fashionable, you can play an important role in up lifting the spirits of other people.
So dress up and get going, inwardly and outwardly.
Stay Fashion Minded Everywhere You Go
To be fashionable is a lifestyle. Everywhere you go, no matter how unimportant, the destination may be you must refuse to postpone the expression of your true spirit. You will be a godsend to everyone you encounter, even the envious ones.
Apparel -wise, keep up with the latest clothing and jewelry designs. Watch how your favorite star dress in order to come up with an idea of the person you desire to portray through your style of dress. You may not desire to dress like Justine Beaver or Beyoncé, but by watching how the pros do it; you will get a double insight regarding the inward and outward factors involved in becoming fashionable.