Personal Development is rooted in the Quality of Your Thoughts

Many people give up during their personal development due to their lack of ability to think correctly. In order to succeed an individual must prepare themselves for the ups and downs of life and still go forward. Your personal growth depends on how you approach, respond and accept situations which you encounter.
Embrace Your Specialness
The first thing you must do is to understand how special you are as a human being. You must celebrate yourself as a unique, creative person with God-given talents to share with others. Out in the world are people who are waiting for you to come along. You are designed to play a significant role in their lives. Only you can to this. No one else can.
Hang around people who are happy to encourage you are your journey of self-development. Get with groups who promote empowerment. This can be a success seminar, a group of dedicated friends who are pursuing the same goal of personal empowerment, or a church group that promotes love and empowerment.
Thrive On Criticism
Don’t allow criticism to stop you, allow it to motivate you. Confident, unstoppable individuals thrive off of criticism. The more people tell them they can’t, the more they believe that they can and act upon it until their dream becomes a reality. Winners such as Michael Jordan, the William Sisters, Wilma Rodolph, Babe Ruth and Jesse Owens all thrived upon criticism and arose to greatness, proving their critics dead wrong.
The mistake that must people make is to believe that others can stop them. No one can stop you without you stopping yourself first. When someone laughs at your idea, you have a decision only you can make. Should you listen to them and stop yourself or should you empower yourself to move forward with more determination. The latter decision is the hallmark of the great.
Invest in Self-help Resources
Keep yourself inspired and motivated by professional life coaches and empowerment gurus. Read books and watch DVDs on personal development, empowerment and growth in character. Drench your mind in transformative resources as these. If you cannot afford to purchase motivational material, visit your local library and borrow a few books and videos on these subjects. Great motivation al material creates within you a new heart and mind. You become a different, more powerful and confident individual.
Investing in positive thinking materials transforms the consciousness. The more you give yourself to it, the more you grow in leaps and bounds. You destroy those thoughts and attitudes that lead to nowhere. You will find success when you understand who God created you to be and how God wants you to share your gift with the world.