6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Computer Technology

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Computer software technology consists of software applications and systems that make computers operate. Changes in technology and business practices demand the creation and design of more and more advanced levels of software technology. The trend toward the use of mobile technology such as iPhones and Androids are opening opportunities for the constant development of new computer software technology.
Several types of computer software technology exist, including operating systems, network systems and middleware such as database access systems as well as business application and computer games. The quality and sophistication of computer software technology is changing each year, introducing more efficient and complex computer systems and networks.
The ever changing nature of the computer software technology is geared toward saving time and increasing productivity in an ever growing and demanding business environment. For example, the convenience of mobile technology such as smart phones can provide business professionals with Internet access while away or on the go: while jogging, riding the bus or participating in leisure activities. This capability can save time and increase productivity away from the office.

Computer software engineers and programmers are the designers of computer software technology. Such skill requires a mastery of software structure such as user data and content data, computer system theory and hardware limitations resulting in network reprogramming and overheating. Most employers prefer individuals with a broad background in working with various computer systems and technologies. In addition, computer software engineers and programs must also be highly organized with the ability to analyze and solve problems.
Design Process
After discovering the needs of an organization, engineers create new computer software by designing, testing and developing the software to fit those needs. Using created diagrams, flowcharts, algorithm and a variety of other documentation, software engineers introduce new computer software. The new software is received by computer programmers who convert the design instructions from software engineers into a computer language that tells the computer what to do. The most common program or computer language is C, C++, Java and Python.
Career Options
The rapid growth in computer software technology will provide many job opportunities for interested individuals. Those who desire to be computer engineers and programmers will see a 21 percent in job growth from 2008 to 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More advanced and complex data processing systems in business, health care and government will call for an increase in software engineers. In addition, lower level job opportunities involving computer software technology will also grow in the support areas, including such positions as computer support specialist, technology coordinator, desk specialist, administrative assistant and customer service representative. Individuals in these areas usually support customers with troubleshooting issues as well as a variety of other duties. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pay for these jobs, in particular software engineers and programmers are between $52,640 and $89,720 a year.
Staying on Top
Since the growth of software technology will continue to advance, It goes without saying that if an individual doesn’t stay technologically literate; he will be left behind on many levels. As emphasized before, technological changing in software is happening almost daily. Some new version of an existing device appears on the scene with better apps, start, stop and control functions. Smartphones, I pods, tablets and many other mobile devices challenge an individual’s skill level and readiness to stay updated and current.
Social media is no exception, the homes, workplaces, schools and the community at large requires that people have excess to a computer. It could be a desktop or mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The absence of a computer in lives of people can leave them totally dysfunctional in society. Such activities as receiving and seeding e-mails are skills that must be mastered if people are going to stay in alignment with success.
Individuals who desire to stay upon software technology can enroll in local library classes or take more advanced programs at a small technical college. Basic knowledge of word, power point, excel and outlook is a must for most college freshman, especially with the writing of essays, term papers and various reports that must be submitted to the instructors via university e-mail.
Technology is here to thrive. The next fad or gadget is just around the corner. The questions individuals must ask themselves are they ready. Success demands that an individual stay ahead of the competition. Individuals who have achieved greatly are always researching, acquiring and applying the latest software technology for their niche.

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