6 Reasons to Love the New Milwaukee Lackfront

The Milwaukee Lake Front provides an escape from boredom and lack of excitement during the hot Midwest summers. During the summer months from early June to early September, the lake front is the delightful host location for a series of fun filled festivals, featuring food and drink, games, carnival rides and musical entertainment from top song artist of all genres. Summer fest is the chief festival, at the end of which a spectacular display of fireworks is presented on Lake Michigan, celebrating the Fourth of July or Independence Day.
But the festivals are not the only big attractions occurring during the summer season. Tens of thousands of people come to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline near the downtown area of Milwaukee. You will feel a sense of wonderment after spending a beautiful summer weekend visiting the many historical and architectural attractions and participating in such fun events as the kite flying competition, the sailboat competition, and volley ball tournaments. Just by sitting on the huge rocks along the shoreline or relaxing on a towel in the Bradford beach sand, you can observe the beautiful, blue calm waters of Lake Michigan and allow your imagination run wild.
If you participate in the many sightseeing activities along the lake shore, you will take home enough fun loving memories to last a lifetime. Tourist who visit Bradford beach, the Milwaukee Lagoon, the Milwaukee War Memorial, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee Marina will obtain a balanced knowledge of History, Art and Maritime life.
The Bradford Beach: Summer Fun

When your toes touch the soft sand of Bradford beach, you might want to engage in a number of activities, such as building a sand castle, playing Frisbee or soccer in the sand, grab a surf board, or have a wild time driving a jet ski-bike. But if you have a competitive nature, you might want to challenge a group of ever ready strangers in a volley ball contest. The big nets are all set up and ready for battle. Perhaps you not want to do any of those things? You might just want to relax with a soft towel and feel the cool breeze glide across your body while lying in the sand. On any nice summer weekend, the beach, which is located north of downtown, is populated with friendly faces of people who love to feel the freedom and in the beauty of beach life.

Downtown View from the Lagoon: Beautiful Skyline

The next stop is the Milwaukee Lagoon, a short distance south of Bradford beach. From the Lagoon, you can see the beautiful downtown skyline of Milwaukee. Majestic skyscrapers, including banks, hotels and unique architecture of all types decorate the downtown district of Milwaukee.
If you feel a sense of adventure, grab one of the paddle boats or water bikes and roll across the Lagoon. Passing the beautiful pattern of trees along the shorelines of the Lagoon and watching the duck families swim away from you upon you approach are sure to give you a sense of excitement. But if fishing is your thing, why not bring a rod and reel and enjoy catching a bucket of sun perch and catfish along the shore.
Milwaukee War Memorial
The majestic statue of Abraham Lincoln stands tall near the entrance of the Milwaukee War Memorial which happens to be the next attraction along the Milwaukee lake shore. Once you are inside the war memorial, you will obtain knowledge of the roll which Milwaukee played in all the wars. On display are a great collection of military artifacts, uniforms, weapons, old documents, commemoratives plague and other items that honor veterans who fought for the e Liberty of the nation. If you stroll out on the giant concert Fitch Plaza, you get a refreshing view of the blue waters of Lake Michigan. The plaza is a place can be booked for weddings, receptions and business celebrations. Memorial Hall can also be used for elegant gatherings.
In the daytime, you can even see the old light house standing solitary near an Island of rocks where a flock of sea gulls live independently of human contact. Visitors have been known to camp out on the balcony of the War Memorial, sometimes enjoying the sight of a ship or two passing by.
Milwaukee Art Museum: Fantasy Architecture

One of the most spectacular tourist attractions of the Milwaukee lake front is the Milwaukee Art Museum. It has been seen in Hollywood movies, as well as TV shows and ads. . With its state of the art Quadracci pavilion, futuristic sail-ship design, it stands apart as a masterpiece of a structure. The beauty of its architecture makes it the place for marriages, company celebrations and many other elegant events. And, at night the pattern of lights decorates the building and captivates the onlooker’s imagination.
But that’s not all, inside the Art Museum, visitors can see over 25,000 works of art, which stands as some of the most breathtaking art displays in the Midwest. Its collections of sculptures, decorative art, drawings, paints, prints as well as video art and installations will give you a sense of appreciation for the beauty and imagination of fine art.
Discovery World Wisconsin: Fantasy Architecture

The next magnificent attraction is the Discovery World Pier Milwaukee building. Its futuristic circular, architectural structure gives this intriguing looking building its own uniqueness. Both children and adults can participate in the many fun distractions that are inside. Attractions such as the digital theater, techno jungle, Reiman Aquarian, HIVE 3D Environment and the machine shipyard are just a few interesting things to experience. The building also hosts a 137 foot wooden spooner, which is a replica of old ships that transported cargo as well as passengers in and out of Milwaukee. Sometimes this ship is used as a field trip option in order to educate grade school children about maritime life as well as other relevant subjects.
You will never feel the same after experiencing the wonders of Milwaukee Lake front along the Lake Michigan shorelines. A weekend is not enough. The daily cruise ship rides, the Jet Ski races, the fishing opportunities, the elegant restaurants and the family reunion and picnic possibilities are all available for those who are looking for a fun summer time in the Midwest. You will have to come back again and again to feel the full measure of these tourist attractions. The festivals and all the beauty of the entire Milwaukee Lake Front will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. The sailboats are already out.