6 Ways To Improve Resiliency

History is dominated by resilient men and women who have succeeded against the odds. They withstood the blows and persevered until their dream occurred. The strength of their vision superseded the bumps, bruises and frustrations along the journey to success. Great men such as Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, and Alexander Graham Bell entered into the Halls of History through strong belief and personal resilience.
Without personal resiliency a person can not accomplish anything worthwhile in life. He or she must be prepared to suffer doubt , unbelief and intimidation and failure. Life requires us to go against these odds in order to accomplish the good things in life. Personal resilience is demonstrated by those who demonstrate the following behaviors.
Optimistic View
People who show optimism survive hardship and succeed by focusing on the positive outcome of their dream. They rehearse the outcome in their imagination over and over again. They imagine themselves succeeding. When someone tells them that something is too hard or that their dream is a surefire failure, they laugh within themselves and affirm the opposite. Deciding to be optimistic in the face of defeat is a test of character.
Psychological Empowerment

Businessman Passing Baton to Businessman
People who possess personal resilience use powerful affirmations to psychologically empower themselves when feeling down and out. Often on the journey toward achieving a college degree or going for a promotion on a job, we sometimes doubt that we will ever succeed. However, when we begin to use a variety of affirmations and motivational tapes, we feel ourselves once again empowered to go on. Power affirmations often come in small books and can be purchased in any bookstore.
Pre-forgiveness empowers you to move forward past obstacles. It is a unique form of personal resilience. A person who use such forgiveness decides before hand that she will forgive every person, situation or condition that will attempt to interrupt her pursuit of a dream. Before someone disrespects her or attempts to stand in the way of her progress, she forgives, although she may not know who the person is at the moment. In demonstrating pro-forgiveness she is ready for any unpleasant situation that might try to hinder her success. Having an ever ready positive response to a potentially negative attack strengthens an individual’s personal resilience.
Fear as a Stepping Stone
Ascending fears is the process of seeing each fear as a stepping stone toward the ultimate prize-the accomplishment of our goals. When we see fear as a staircase that we must climb we are able to display personal resiliency. Every stair case of fear that we climb increases our confidence and gives us power to withstand the blows necessary to succeed. The good thing is that at the top of the stairs there are no more fears. We have ascended them all. Not only have we climbed out of our fears, we have developed our personal resiliency.
Unyielding Faith
People with personal resiliency possess unyielding faith. They are unstoppable in the pursuit of their dream. Although they can not reason how a situation is going to turn out, they see beyond appearance and emotions. Resilient people go against the grain of hopelessness and despair. When others have given up and returned to the old ideas, those who believe that all things are possible bring fourth the unseen. They use their imagination along with their faith. They are convinced without reservation that they will accomplish their vision.
Conviction of Identity
A vital part of personal resiliency is knowing who you are in the earth. If you are convinced that you are a unique individual with an assortment of talents and gifts, some you may have not yet discovered, you will not easily be offended when someone tells you that you are not intelligent enough to graduate in the top of the class or manage a company that is known for greatness. If you know who you are you are convinced that know one is above you or below you. All of us are divinely unique in our own way. People with personal resiliency acknowledge this fact.
Making the First Move
There is no stopping a person with personal resiliency. In fact, the world is ruled by them. They assume the responsibility of the most challenging situations when others back down. People with personal resiliency will not wait for someone to make the first move. They know that making the first move is the beginning of success. By making that first, uncomfortable move in the direction their dream, falling down and getting back up to try again, resilient people know that the hardest part is over. The ability to make the first move is the mental toughness accumulated from all of the behavioral strategies that came before it. It is the most important sign of personal resilience.