Motivating Small Business Employees Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips

Small businesses often struggle the first few years after launching. Slow growth, low morale and lack of customer support can lead to massive frustration. Because of the struggle, employees may suffer from motivation, resulting in low performance, poor quality and abandonment. The responsibility of leaders or managers is to motivate their employees to not give up hope but to strive for optimal productivity, resulting in future growth and progress.
When managers are indifferent toward the state of their employees, the may be in jeopardy of losing good employees to the competition, resulting in high turnover. Therefore, the number one priority for leaders of small businesses is to empower their employees with hope, direction and vision for long term growth and organizational security.
Leaders have a number of distinctive ways of keeping their employees motivated to reach for optimal performance on the job.
6 Tips for Motivating Small Business Employees
Sense of Ownership
One of the best things you can do as a good manager of a small company is to give your employees a sense of ownership. If possible, give them the opportunity or promise of investing in the long term potential of the organization. Welcome their ideas, suggestions and solutions when it comes to operating the company. Get them to realize that the success of the company will be due to their productivity, commitment and sacrifices. When employees know that their loyalty to the company will determine the success of the products and services, a sense of ownership developments.
Task Acknowledgement
Acknowledging the hard work of your employees on a daily basis goes a long way in lifting up the moral in your company. When you thank your people for finishing a project or task that you thought will take days to get done, you increase their sense of accomplishments. Sometimes small company employees don’t feel appreciated by management. “It makes me want to stay with the company when I feel valued,” said Patricia, an accountant who does the work of five people. ““It gives me energy to endure.”
Milestone Celebrations
Instilling a sense of progress in your employees is always good. Many times the struggles of small, start-up companies make workers fill that there is no way out. It appears that the company is at a dead end or is at a permanent stand still. Celebrating milestones establishes a sense of progress in your niche. You get a sense that the company is going somewhere special. When a small organization successfully meets an annual budget, excel in customer satisfaction, or grow beyond expectation, these milestones should be celebrated. A sense of progress is a great motivational trigger.
Public Recognition
When you recognize your employee publically for a job well done, you hold no doubt about your appreciation of them. Not only will they feel your sincere thoughtfulness, but outsiders will be impressed with the care you show for your employees as well. Studies show that workers love to work for good, caring managers and leaders. You conquer all negative perceptions your employees have toward you when you honor them publicly. Public recognition is a powerful weapon for acquiring loyalty.
Birthday Celebrations
By all means, don’t forget about the employee birthdays. When employees are recognized for their birthday they feel extremely appreciated. They no longer feel like a number or a mere instrument used to accomplish a business project or tasked. A constant pattern of investing in employee birthdays builds trust in the leadership of the company. Workers will know that they are being thought of, not only for what they do, but also for who they are apart from the company.
Potluck Celebrations
Eating together is one of the best ways of creating unity among people, especially co-workers. Mangers can explore different ways to arrange breakfast, lunch or dinner occasions. Throwing a potluck celebration once a month can conquer a sense of low morality and slow progress the plague smaller organizations. Company sponsored potlucks generates a sense of appreciation on behalf of the employees. As a manager, the process of connecting with people through the activity of dinning together will go a long way in creating positivity when progress seems slow and difficult.
Sincere Compliments
Compliments are inexpensive but very effective. People love to feel noticed for what they are wearing or for something very personal to them, including special achievement such as finishing a degree, mastering a hobby or sharing a talent. When you acknowledge your employees using legitimate compliments you go a long way toward gaining their loyalty to you and the organization. Timely, targeted compliments establishing a relationship that goes beyond simple business. Recognizing your employees for who they are outside of the company creates friendship.

Motivating employees of small companies goes a long way in achieving trust, loyalty, and very low turnover. Employers who consistently inspire their workers to greatness will reap the benefits of an ever growing and successful organization. Your employees will esteem you more than just a boss or manager. You will be seen as a leader who cares about them as special individuals who have lives outside of the workplace.