Panic Attacks are Your Worst Enemies. 9 Ways to Defeat Them


Many people suffer from panic attacks every day. Sometimes a dramatic fear overwhelms them in the most unlikely times and sometimes when there appears to be no apparent threat. But most times people are often overwhelmed by a number of issues, including
• Financial: Inability to meet the mortgage
• Social: fear of meeting people
• Health: Possibility of serious disease
• Violence: Threatening people or conditions
• Psychological: Unexplained anxiety day in and day out
Knowing what the causes of a panic attack can give us the confidence in fighting and overcoming it. All we need to do is to practice a few effective strategies
Deep breathing can help relieve our panic attacks, especially if we are overwhelmed by the moment. For example, we may have been called upon to give an impromptu speech and our mind goes blank. By taking a series of deep breaths we allow oxygen to enter our brain and calm our minds, giving us an opportunity to regather ourselves and give the speech.
Another way to calm our minds when we are overwhelmed by panic is to meditate on something pleasant. We could meditate on a pleasant event or on some important concepts, such as peace and love. Either sit in quiet meditation or turn on some beautiful, tranquil music hours before an event where you are about to play a significant part.
If you prefer, you can also take medication for anxiety. Consult your doctor regarding prescription medication designed to eliminate the feelings of anxiety and panic. However, you must use this medication occasionally or only just as a stepping stone to emotional freedom. Depending on too much anxiety medication could have adverse effects.
Different types of therapy, including message, hypnotism, counseling and other forms of therapy may be right for you. Attempt to find groups that you can join in order to overcome panic attacks. In these groups you will find people suffering from the same emotional attacks that are making life miserable for you.
Positive Thoughts
A positive thought is always ten times stronger than a negative thought. Positive thoughts give an individual hope, energy and strength. The reason thought is so important is because our thinking controls our mind, heart and spirit. Whatever we think of though out the day controls how we feel as well. Replacing an anxiety ridden thought with a positive thought will do more good to your emotional state than you can ever imagine.
Awareness of Triggers
If you are aware of the emotional and psychological triggers that bring on your panic attacks, you can stop them before they start. For example, if you are aware of the people, circumstances and conditions that bring on your panic attacks, you can either face them or rid yourself of the fear, or you can withdraw effort and surrender to your panic attacks.
Acknowledging Inner Power
Running into a suspicious stranger on the way home on a dark night will likely bring own a panic attack, but don’t you submit to fear. Speak against the attack. Crush the fear by acknowledging the God is on your side. God protects those who have faith in His word. An inner peace will begin to surround you.
Good luck Charms
A neck less, a special ring or a unique tattoo that signifies that you are strong, bold and happy can be all used to relieve your anxiety. These good luck charms can be a source of confidence and strength or a new beginning.
Pumping Up Yourself
Nothing beats planning ahead for a panic attack. There are a number of resources in the forms of DVDs’, CDs, audio videos and books which can be used to pump up your confidence before you give that presentation, go on that interview or meet the doctor for what can be some bad news. Approaching such situations with an optimistic mentality can go a long way in helping you stop panic attacks in their tracks.

Although panic attacks are often overwhelming, they can be effectively dealt with if you are aware of what triggers them. Implementing the above strategies will go a long way in helping you to overcome panic attack once and for all.

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