The Multiply Forms of Beauty: Enriching Your Soul


Beauty has a calming effect upon our souls. When we feel down and out from experiencing the upheavals in life, the sight of beauty arouses our senses and we feel alive again. However, beauty goes beyond the appearance of a handsome man or beautiful woman. Beauty can be found in many forms and surrounds us for the sake of uplifting our spirits and souls.
Beauty can be found in:
A walk in the woods, a stroll by the lake in the summer, or the observance of fall colors in autumn reveals the beauty in nature. The chirping of birds in the morning awakens us to a new day. The butterfly in the middle of summer reminds us of the unending activity of nature. Our soul is revived in the solitude of a quiet countryside.
When you walking into any art museum or attend any art show, you will experience the beauty of the imagination at work. Art speaks to us in many forms, including painting, sculpture, abstract designs, elegant gardens and fountains as well as majestic architecture. Wall art within the office and at our homes can enliven the entire atmosphere of the room.
Architecture are the hallmark of city sightseeing. For instance, a stroll across the Milwaukee Lakefront will leave an individual breathless. The dynamic architecture of the magnificent Art Museum and the circular structure of Discovery World building provides an opportunity for enjoy the wonders of man-made beauty. The sight of these buildings will inspire you.
Great dancing is an art form where rhythm and expression takes center stage. The smooth and clever moves of great dancers fascinate us and inspire us and make us want to move our bodies as well. Dancing builds our confidence and makes us forget about our troubles for a while. Dance has a magical appeal to the soul and spirit.
Great writers express themselves in writing. To a genuine writer, the forms of writing are components for producing great books or best-selling novels. Creative writing, including poetry, short stories and essays, captures the reader and takes him into worlds that he could have never imagined. This is the purpose of the writer. The art of great writing is rooted in how the writer changes the perception of the world.
Great actors linger in our minds long after their image is gone from the earth. We remember them because of their ability to make make-believe look real. Because they are in the zone of performance perfection, we are immediately captivated by their effortlessness and portrayal of their characters. They make us forget about them and convince our minds of the truth of the characters they are expressing.
Nation reveals itself in animals. Dogs are part of the family in most America homes. But as people we are mystified by animals. We create zoos in order to go and observe some of the great beast upon our planet. Majestic lions, tigers, grizzly bears, gorillas and great elephants fascinate us and keep us wondering what they think about us. We wonder if, at some point in the past, we lost full communication with them.
Butterflies, ladybugs, arts, grasshoppers, bumble bees and a great number of other insect’s teachers us how to be diligent in our work. The smallest of creation are designed to express God’s creative glory on earth. Ant’s teachers us order and hard work. Butterflies fly around pollenating flowers, bumble bees do the same. Our fascination with insects leads us to capture and study them and learn of their purposeful movements.
Cracked up things
Beauty can be seen in every form. Even cracks in the asphalt can be interesting to observe. Nothing lasted for forever. All things begin to crack. In this there is beauty. As the old adage states,” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “
The bottom line is that beauty can be discovered al l around us. God created that way. The whole universe is filled with beauty. If we desire inspiration in our lives, we must open our eyes and behold the beauty in our mist.

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