The Art of Challenging Ourselves


One of the greatest adventures anyone can undertake is that of challenging himself for the purpose of developing inner talents and gifts that will make a significant impact upon the world and the people who are most dear to him. In order for life to be rich in productivity, an individual must push himself to the limits of courage and endurance.
The act of pushing ourselves will result in accelerated growth in character and an intriguing image that will attract recognition, friends and money.
Continuation with the basic habits and routines of life will keep us feeling safe and secure. But in the end we will feel stagnant and uncreative in our lives. When we know how something is going to turn out, sooner or later we become bored with the outcome. Challenging ourselves keep life exciting and fun. We delight in getting out of our comfort zone.

Each day presents us with a number of ways for challenging ourselves. You might want to try these:
Compliment strangers on the street
• Volunteer to be a Big Brother or Big Sister
• Cook a first time holiday Dinner for the family
• Go on weight loss program
• Study a foreign language
• Go back to school in middle age
• Start a community watch program
• Reach out to the homeless in your city
• Run for a local office
• Confront your greatest fears one by one

Trying New Things
Getting out of my comfort zone to try new things was a great challenge. My routines were pretty dismal. I hardly left my small apartment except to go to work, to the store and visit the local laundry mat. These places where in close proximity. I did not venture beyond these. However, year after year of the same thing, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was pushing toward the edge of insanity, isolated in a small apartment with a small bed, a small kitchen and a little green bathroom with a slow working shower.
Fearing I would lose my mind, I challenged myself by going for an adventurous walk via a pathway toward downtown. My objective was to speak to every person I encountered, regardless of how intimidated this activity might become.
Much to my delight, with each person I spoke to along the way, I felt better about myself. I begin to feel a small sense of joy bubbling within my heart. The very act of speaking to people increased purpose and meaning in my life. I discovered that people where not meant to live unto themselves but people where designed to interact with other human beings.
Danger of Isolation
Whenever we isolate ourselves from challenges, we isolate ourselves from life, purpose and humanity. We become devisers of our own pain and suffering. And because we can’t blame anyone for our boring existence, we might as well commit to challenging ourselves.
The truth is that when we go against the grain of our own inner resistance, we open up inner treasures of joy, freedom and happiness that have been hidden for decades. Great inner gifts are locked up in our comfort zones. Therefore, we must challenge it day by day until we are fully comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.
Mental and Emotional Maturity
Once we are comfortable within our own skin, we can take on more challenging experiences. Growth never stops once we reach a certain level of mental and emotional maturity. Living a fulfilled life becomes a reality when we refuse to back down from challenging ourselves. Life is a game of challenge. People with winning mentalities acknowledge this on a daily basis. If you don’t challenge yourself by stepping outside your comfort zone, you run away from freedom instead of run toward it. You become a slave to your own negative belief system.
In conclusion, make challenging yourself an art. The more intense the challenge the more glorious the inner gifts that it produces. Let challenge be an adventure instead of a threat. This is the difference between the great and the unknown.

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