Do You Think You Can’t?


What a Mistake!
If you think you can’t, consider the Wright Brothers who were thought to be crazy for thinking man could fly. They were constantly ridiculed. But many where astonished when they brought into reality the first airplane.
If you think you can’t, consider Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, who walked 9 miles to attend school and met failure after failure on his way to becoming the leader of a great nation.
If you think you can’t, consider Barak Obama, who grew up fatherless and whose race made it less likely for him to become president of the United States. His slogan on the presidential campaign was “Yes, We Can.”


Yes You Can
Adopt the “Yes I Can” Attitude toward Life
If you want to get beyond “I Can’t,” then you will have to adapt a new attitude toward life and all its affairs. You must realize that you are as worthy to be successful as anyone else on the planet. The biggest mistake you can make is to remain a victim in life. Instead, you must declare that the inner power within you is greater than and negativestock images person, condition or circumstance outside of you.
In order to develop a new attitude, get in the habit of reading inspirational books and listening to self-developing CDs and audios. These resources will attack the erroneous thoughts within your mind and replace them with power thoughts.
Attend personal success seminars and join positive groups in order to stay encouraged and inspired by the success of others. If you stick around people with a positive mentality long enough, the energy of progress will eventually rub off on you. Successful environments beget successful people.
One of the most crucial things you must do when you adapt a new attitude is to take many risks. Never be afraid of engaging people. Be adventitious. The more you approach and engage people, the quicker you will master the “Yes I Can” attitude. Overcoming fears build strength and maturity in our character, and as a result we are able to become initiators and achievers in life.
Never Run from a Challenge
An achiever is an individual who is unstoppable because he or she never runs from a challenge, regardless of how difficult it may appear. An achiever would rather fail over and over again than to dodge the practice of progress.
The mind of an achiever thinks positive thoughts. If negative thoughts attempt to overtake his mind, he immediately replaces them with positive affirmations or powerful mantras chosen from some of the most spectacular deities.
The bottom line is that you have within you an inner genius who can achieve more than you can even imagine. In order to activate this inner genius is to go forward despite feeling awkward and uncomfortable. The more you are willing to feel the pressure of going forward the quicker the inner genius will emerge and take you to new levels in life.

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