Mentality for Reaching Out
The tendency to be social Children are in need of constant motherly intimacy, nurturance and reassurance throughout their early developmental years. Babies must be held, hugged and smiled at throughout the day and night. The magic touch of a mother cannot be duplicated by a father, regardless how sensitive he may be. For small children, the warmth and tenderness of a woman’s body is made to provide ultimate comfort.
Yet with the busyness of today’s society, many young mothers are not able to provide the warmth and affection necessary to produce the most effective quality within the child.
The Ultimate Quality
However, one of the most important motherly qualities which should be instilled within a child is consideration of others, inside and outside of the home. Learning how to be considerate of others helps child overcome selfishness. Most children desire things for themselves and will often struggle to keep then to share. If they grow up with this mentality they will not be able to see the needs of others around them. Therefore, mothers must teach their child to consider others those who are walking, talking and moving around them.
is a result of consideration training. A child with a mentality for reaching out to others in need will grow up to be a leader in society. He will look around him and see the needs of a community and initiate change. Producing consideration for others within the mind of a child doesn’t make him weak. Instead it makes him a strong candidate for leadership.
Daily Routine for Young Mothers
Consideration training should be a daily routine for young mothers. Every time you see an opportunity to steer your child’s choices toward consideration, you must refuse to let it slip away. For example, if you child has trouble sharing toys, games, spaces and time with others, you must stop him or her and teach them the value of these qualities in group activity.
Once the child begins to understand the value of considering others, he will appreciate the group chemistry. He will never push it away. He will embrace the group and become a part of it. He will approach the group with a passion and lead it.
The Consequences of Ignoring the Quality
When mothers neglect instilling the special quality of consideration, children can end up with deep emotional problems, shying away from others and becoming loners in society.
Therefore, raising a child to be considerate of others is something worth more than gold. Children who consider the state of others are usually good in school and has little problem sharing with their classmates. Teachers are happy to have them in the classroom.