Top 7 Reasons Why People Resist change so Vehemently


All progress in life is dependent on how we adjust to change. The most successful people on the planet embrace change as a surefire instrument for going to the next level. These people understand fully well that without change, their world would crumble into a thousand shambles.
If you are a person who resists change, it would be an excellent decision to find out why. People resist change for many reasons. However, seven of the most popular reasons are listed below.
Slothful people resist change because they don’t want to be shaken out of their comfort zones. They are so used to feeling the peace of their comfort zone that anything that attempts to interfere with their routine is terribly unsettling. Because of such resistance to change, slothful people cannot grow in any area of significance.
A slothful person must turn his back on unfruitful behavior and realize that life was designed for living with a constant state of change and that slothfulness is a curse to emotional and physical well-being.
Tradition also remains a factor for resistance to change. People don’t want to release the way things used to be. They want things to continue from generation to generation. For instance, if a person’s great grand parents have always gathered family members together for a unique ritual of helping each other pay off debt, then that person might be resistance when faced with demands to change the tradition.
Although this might be a noble tradition, what the person who is challenged to change the tradition should realize is that other family members may not be able to uphold the tradition to financial shortage. He must understand that the time has come for each of the family members to carry their own load.
Lack of Clarity
Many people resist due to the lack of clarity on an idea or project. This is especially relevant in school as well as the workplace. Students don’t get started because they don’t understand the assignment. Perhaps it was not explained thoroughly.
The workplace project is slow to get started because the team members don’t know what to do next. Perhaps management has not explained the steps or stages of the project enough for team members approach it with competence. Leadership needs to be more specific and patient in breaking down the project in stages.
Lack of Attention
All of us were guilty at one point in our lives of not paying attention. This happens because our minds are not really receiving what has being said. Instead, we may be thinking about an incident that may have happened a week ago. Nevertheless, we often miss out on vital information when we are not really present in the situation.
What we must do when a situation demands our undivided attention is to momentarily dismiss all the junk that within our mind? Listening is the foremost prerequisite to acquiring knowledge on all levels of life. Millions of people have fallen into irreversible predicaments due to their lack of listening to the truth that others were telling them.
Once this emotional curse takes hold of a person, he might not feel like submitting to anyone’s ideas and suggestions. Depression takes away hope. Unless the proposition for change promises to positively transform a person’s life for the better, a depressed person will likely to resist change.
In order for a change toward acceptance to occur, the depressed individual must be given hope. Every sense of hope makes life worth living. When all hope is gone, people are ready to die. Therefore, depression is a demon that must be exorcised.
Dislike of the Change Maker
People can resist change because they dislike the person who is trying to push change. Sometimes the reason for dislike can be totally ridiculous. I have heard people resisting another just because they didn’t like what he was wearing or because they hated the way she talked. Students in elementary schools often judge whether or not they should like their teacher based on what the teacher is wearing or saying.
In the workplace, people might not like a supervisor who is always watching or overworking them. Therefore they might resist him.
But no-professional person should ever resist another on the basis of dislike. Realize that people are not perfect. Everybody has some flaw, even you and me.
Physical limitations
People can resist change because some sort of physical limitation. Life is hard to control when you are dealing with limited physical power. We may not have the mobility to get there. People in this situation may not feel that it is worth their time to follow along with an idea or project, although they may desire to.
What a person can do in this predicament is to attempt to offer as much support to an initiative as possible. Support can be given via good ideas and money. It is a heroic individual who decides to support a good idea or project despite of a physical limitation.

Whatever the resistances that may be keeping a person from significant change, he must overcome that resistance if his life is going to be progressive. The above forms of resistance must be guarded against in order to eliminate resistance

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