Are You Getting Enough Love Documents in Your Relationship?


Valentine’s Day may be right around the corner but the assurance of love will be non-existence without the continual supply of love documents from a loved one. Love documents consist of little notes, letters, special cards, and ultimate marriage license. The more love documents you accumulate the more special you will feel toward the one who makes your heart throb with joy.
Little Notes
Placing little notes around the house so that our partners or spouse can find them goes a long way in increasing our sense of belonging. We feel special when we go into the kitchen and find next to the stove, a little note attached that says I love you.
Do you get my drift? The good thing about little notes is that they don’t cost you a lot of money. Little sticky notes can be placed anywhere you know your lover will find them, including the kitchen refrigerator, the living room table, the bedroom window curtain or the bathroom wall next to the toilet. All places within the house are game if they can be easily seen.
Love Letters
Many who are dating as well as those who are married believe that writing love letters are old-fashioned. However, taking the time to write a hand-written love letter says a lot about the one you love.
It means that you are willing to overlook social media contact methods and take the time out to write a letter from your heart. Quick methods such as texting, emailing or calling the one you love are the overwhelming sources of contact used today. Writing a love letter changes all that. You simply take the time out and hand write will go a long way of proving that you are willing to sacrifice time in order to express your love.
Special Cards
We can all agree that special cards giving to our partners on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays keep us in the zone of expression our care. However, the most effective time to give a special card is when our lovers are least expecting one from us.
Simply bringing a special card home after work or on an ordinary day when nothing is going on speaks volumes. It tells our partners that we are always thinking about them. We prove that we don’t have to wait for special days to prove our love and loyalty to the one we love. Special cards can be giving at any time or place.
Marriage License
This is ultimate love document. It means that we have committed our lives to pleasing this one special person and no one else. Hopefully, this is the only document of this type we should receive. But it does not mean that all the other documents should stop coming. They should continue to come. Because the more they come, the more the ultimate document increases in value.
The state of romance today is quick and done. People just don’t take time to priorities love documents. The power of social media and mobile technology is making the value of love documents a thing of the past. Nevertheless, us true lovers must continue to implement these love documents in order to prove that true romance still exists.

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