7 Tips for Being a Super Interesting Father


Have you passed the test of being an interesting father? If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for answers. Well, you have found the right information. An interesting father keeps his family excited about life by showing them that he cares about the happiness.
I know of many interesting fathers whose kids and wife cannot wait until the man of the house come home, whether he comes from work or a weekend out with the boys. Great fathers always sustain a dynamic presence within the family.
When was the last time you took charge of your family’s happiness, in particularly your children’s well Bing. Participating in their lives can make you the most wonderful dad in the world. Here are seven tips to help you accelerate your way to becoming an interesting, fun-loving father.
Teach Them Responsibility
It is a mistake not to teach your children responsibility. Many parents neglect this one important life-skill for whatever reason. But without taking responsibility for whatever he or she says and do, a child will find success eluding them on every turn. The universe helps those who have a purpose in life. Purpose and responsibility go hand in hand.
Take Them Shopping
Taking your child shopping is a memorable experience that can last a lifetime. This activity can be one of the most exciting times for a child. She knows she is probably going to get something special. Getting a dress, a fancy pair of shoes, or a little purse to carry her fingernail polish will make her very appreciative of her father.
Inspire Them to Greatness Often
Always find ways to inspire your children. You never know how their day went at school unless you asked them. By telling them that they can accomplish any task they aspire to achieve, you create a great sense of confidence and assurance within their hearts, minds and souls.
Watch out for times when they are feeling down and out or when they doubt themselves. Give them a hug or a pat on the back. Tell them that nothing is impossible to people who believe in their ability to achieve.
Watch TV with Them
Whenever you are at home with your children, watch TV together or play a video game. Not only do such activities build parental intimacy, but it also helps you get out of your adulthood and become a kid again, even if it is just for an hour or two.
Many fathers walk around with poker faces. They hardly crack a smile unless they hear a friend say a hilarious joke. Instead of being interesting, the poker face father is quite boring.
Teach Them to Avoid Toxic Friends
Children need to know that their associations are very significant to their success in life. If you let your children hang out with the wrong people, you may come to regret it someday. Bad apples will spoil the whole basket in which they are placed.
Therefore, talk to your children about choosing the wrong friends. Make it clear that toxic friends can be dangerous to hang out with. Regardless of how harsh it may sound, let them know that the wrong choice of friends have led many once respectful people down a fatal path in which there was no return. Your child will thank you for the advice someday.
Teach Them to Respect the opposite Gender
If you have a son, teach him to respect women. A disrespectful mentality toward women isn’t good for harmonious relationships. Many young men and boys have been brainwashed by various kinds of music to degrade a women’s value.
However, young men need to know that without women, the world couldn’t exist. Mankind couldn’t exist. Every great man had a mother who bore him.
Appreciating the opposite gender paves the way for successful marriages and raising strong and confident daughters.
Inspire Them to Protect the Environment
A clean environment counts. Teach your children that they must try hard to protect the environment from global warming and other dangers. The earth belongs to all of us. There is no other place for people to go and dwell.
Unless we keep the earth clean of toxins, litter, and other environmental destroying entities, we will always be in danger of a catastrophic occurrence. Global warming affects the entire Earth and all its inhabitants, including the air that we breathe, the water we drank and the food we eat. All these things will are vital to our survival.
Are you still dreaming of being an interesting father? Apply these tips and become the father that your children can be proud of. Don’t hesitate. Take the life of your children seriously; because once they grow up, you will not have the opportunity to start over again. Happy fatherhood!

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