Staying Positive in the Face of Divorce


Have you ever wondered if marriage is relevant anymore in America? The accelerated rise in the divorce rate continues to diminish the sanctity of marriage. According to Divorces Statistics, 41% of first marriages end in divorce and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. These are unbelievable numbers if you are thinking about hooking up with another individual.
The bottom line is that divorce sucks. It stings, disparages, and destroys the life out of our dreams and hopes. Divorces leave us depressed and thinking about how things could have been if we had done things a little difference.
Maybe the reason you are reading this artistic is that you are about to go over through a divorce. If so, you don’t have to be lonely and depressed. You can stay positive in the face of divorce. Most people isolate themselves, but there are things you can do to inspire yourself and look forward to a greater future.
You may not feel like you can ever recover, but don’t believe it. You can. I have friends who have gone through a divorce and have come through it smelling like roses. They now have a greater outlook on life. Consider the following tips for staying positive in the face of divorce
Accept Divorce as a part of life
Bad things happen. Don’t hold on to what is over. Trying to hold on to your ex-spouse, after all, hope is gone a disservice to your dignity. Accept that divorce happens. But also understand that you will be ten times stronger once you get through the grief of separation.
Seek the Comfort of the New
One thing that is sure to help us get over a divorce quickly is the experience of newness. Get away. Hopefully, get out of town. Go far away if you can. New sights, sounds, places, people and events accumulate within our consciousness, resulting in a subtle change in our character. The old is replaced by the new. Joy comes.
Staying around old things, people and places only perpetuate unpleasant memories.
Express thankfulness
Be more appreciative of the time you spent with the other person. Don’t take it for granted. You did have some great times together. You did share a part of this life and world with one another. These are the good times you can build upon in the next relationship.
Forgive and Say a Pray
Don’t let bitterness, hatred or blame build in your heart. Life is too short to spend in such misery. If you to experience a sense of freedom after divorce, you must let go. Praying for your ex-spouse and forgiving them is a powerful pathway to inner peace and freedom.
Write down New Goals
Don’t live in the past. After a divorce, write down new goals. To move forward with purpose, you need to see a new future. Setting goals put purpose back into your life. For example, you may want to go back to school or change your career. You may want to travel across the world or plan a bucket list.
Cherish Your Freedom
Freedom is wonderful. After a divorce and after the pain has gone, many feel a sense of new found freedom and expression in life. This feeling is the reward for surviving the ordeal. You don’t have the responsibility of taking care of another person. You no longer have to conform to someone else’s desire to change you. Cherish your freedom before you get hitched again.
Be Open to a New Love
Don’t close your heart to others after a divorce. Keep it open. Great lovers are willing to express passion despite the pain they have already gone through. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that all potential partners are the same as your ex. Not true. Each love affair is different from the other.
Take the good things you learned from your first marriage and build upon them in a new relationship. You never know, the next lover might turn out to be the best you have ever had.
Divorce is ugly. When it rears its head, it may seem like all joy is lost. But now you know the truth. You know how to turn something as devastating as a divorce into something wonderful and new. You learn that life is not bad at all, especially if you see adversity as a stepping stone to greatness.

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