7 Romantic Blunders to Avoid


In your attempt at  romance, have you fallen short time and time again? If you are wondering why your dates are always trying to escape or avoid you, then you are probably making a number of romantic blunders that have left you with a long line of rejections. Well, there is hope for you. The following insights into your blunders will help you to finally overcome them and win at the dating game. Follow the 7 points of advice below:
Brush Teeth
Brush your teeth always. Don’t let your date see yellow marks or food stains or particles stuck between your teeth. When dating, you teeth should be as white as you can get them and your breath should be as fresh as a peach.
Many dates will be turned off if your breath smells, or if you allow yellow tartar to build up on your teeth. Make sure you develop a habit of brushing your teeth as least twice a day, (morning and night), followed by a good mouthwash and swish.
Wear Cologne
Nothing is sweeter and captivating than a whiff of cologne coming from that special person sitting next to you. Smelling good and looking good is a plus. It enhances the opportunity for intimacy and memorable moments.
Don’t go on a serious date with bad body odor. Find out what’s trending in Cologne. Invest in the scent that fits your taste and captures the interest of the one you are trying to persuade. You might be surprised at what happens.
Keep Feet Clstockphotoean
Clean feet and a pair fresh smelling socks are a must, especially if you are a man. Most men tend to have athletic feet. When the socks come off, the smell hits you in the face. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a day at the beach or a romantic chat by the fireplace; you don’t want to get caught up in an awkward and embarrassing moment.

Swallow Food
Don’t speak with food in your mouth, especially if it’s your first date. Many dating partners are turned off when big blobs of food are falling out of your mouth onto the plate. Swallow your food before responding to sudden terms of endearments and personal questions.
Your date may not seem to care, but somewhere in the back of his or her mind, the mental image will become a turnoff factor. In order to impress your date, your goal is the create the best image of yourself possible.
Put Away the Smartphone
Nothing is more disrespectful than being on a date while your date is constantly talking on the smartphone. It’s the turnoff of the ages.
I have observed many couples at the beach talking or playing apps on the smartphone while their partner awaits annoyingly. But precious time just continues to pass.
Your date wants to be the most important person of the moment. There is no time for friends, family or personal business. So turn that smartphone off and focus on the one you admire. You will not regret it.
Think Other Interest
Ever been on dates when partners only talked about themselves, including how much money they make or how promising the future looks for them. The situation can get pretty annoying.
Going on a date means that you are going to avoid talking about your interest and concentrate on the interest of the person you are attempting to impress. Your ultimate goal is to make them feel special and highly needful at the time.
Forget about your life and treat her as the apple of your eye. Other Interest thinking wins the heart of your date because you are sensitive to her thoughts and feelings. Such sensitivity is highly important to women.
Stop Day Dreaming
Don’t’ daydream, please! Ever been talking a person who didn’t hear a word you said, even though you have been talking for an hour. She may scream, “Are you listening to me?” But you should never let this be you. Keep your ear open at all times.
When you daydream on a date, your partner may think that his or her company isn’t enjoyable to you. She doesn’t want to be around you if she doesn’t feel needed. So be smart and give her one hundred percent of your attention.
Romantic blunders can kill a date in the first few minutes. If you want to be successful at dating, you should strive to make a delightful expression right away. Because there are many other competitors who may have more to offer than you, the image you create is everything if you desire to win the heart of your special date.

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