One of the saddest misfortunes that can occur in a marriage is to allow the love to become cold and fizzle out. However, this is more easily said than done. Many times the daily grind and other concerns cause us to become so absorbed in our lives that we don’t take time out to appreciate the lives we vowed to spend all our days with.
Nevertheless, don’t be alarmed. You can begin again with a renewed outlook on romance, and passion for recapturing the spark you once had for her. All you have to do is to commit to practicing the simple moves that can get the romantic fire burning.
The First and the Last
Let her know that she is the first and the last. The impact of this deep, romantic statement upon her heart speaks volumes. Women desire to be the only one in your life forever. If you can promise her this, she will sense your sincerity and loyalty to the union.
Never talk admiringly about other women (especially if you have an ex) in front of her. She will surrender her whole heart to you if you make her the first and the last.
Unexpected Love Notes
Post them all over the place when she least expects it. You can do this in the morning before going to work. Post an “I love you” note on the bathroom door or in the kitchen on the refrigerator or her smartphone on the living room table. Post a “You’re the best” note on the door before she gets in from the grocery store. Be as creative as you can. The ideas are vast.
Your duty is to keep romance always in the picture when life gets busy. Keeping a sense of romance in the forefront reminds both of you that busyness isn’t everything. Love and happiness remain the most important things of life.
Hands in the Public
Grab and hold her hands in public. Do this when she least expect it. Chances are you may be one of those men who are too conservative to display your intimacy voluntarily in public. Well, it’s time to confront and overcome your shyness for the sake of keeping romance strong in the marriage. Women can appreciate a man who shows his softer side in public.
The Sudden Kiss
Nothing is more romantically surprising to a woman than a sudden, but gentle kiss on the lips while doing ordinary routines, such as working around the house, watching TV, or as soon as she comes in from work. This romantic approach is sure to light her fire. She will most likely be more generous to you at a later time.
The Sound of Music
Keep music an ever present activity in your marriage. Music is a universal language which has the power to move our hearts and soul toward love and romance. Dedicate her favorite songs wherever you go. Play them often.
Everyone has a song that has enhanced their love affair in one way or another. Keep this song and play it when difficult times come or when conditions and circumstances tend to distinguish the vital communication channels you both share. The sound of music is power.
Keeping romance alive in a marriage isn’t for a lazy man. It is a treasure that must be maintained. Romance must be guarded against people, circumstances, and conditions which could overwhelm and diminish it from the marriage. Stand strong against it. Marriage without romance is an emotional disaster.