Five Romantic Moves that Every Woman Should Make


Is your marriage still filled with romance? Do you wonder whether or not your husband or partner still loves you because he hasn’t proven it in so long? Your romance might be on the rocks. But don’t fear. There is hope if you are willing to apply the five moves of romance. Each move is designed to awaken the romance that is missing in your marriage.
Lay Your Head on His Chest
Nothing makes a man feel like a king more than when a woman rests her hand on his chest. A man wants his lady to have a sense of safety and security in him. His confidence shoots up, and his intimacy grows.
Make this a common activity, especially in the bedroom where privacy and intimacy prevail. The more you make your man feel like a king, the more he will want to sacrifice for you. You will become his first and last in the relationship.
Promise to Always By His Side
Tell him that you will always stand by his side, come what may. This romantic statement speaks volumes. A man carries a bit of uncertainty when it comes to taking care of a woman. He wonders whether or not she will stay with him when times get tough, especially economically.
A lack of financial success often leads a marriage toward divorce court. I have seen it time and time again in the lives of friends and family. The reason for financial instability is usually due to some external condition beyond the control of the spouse.
However, nothing is more powerful than a man whose woman sticks by his side when the chips are down. If you prove your loyalty to him, he will have enough inspiration to conquer the world just for you.
Commit to Radical Sweetness
Sweetness melts a man’s heart. The woman’s sweetness can produce in a man a heart of a lion, which is ready to protect her from a thousand enemies. A woman’s sweetness calms him and makes him anxious to come home every day. Her sweetness builds him up and helps shape his character. The power of your sweetness conquers the most coldness heart.
However, if you are a woman who constantly complains, prepare for the death of romance in your marriage. Nothing kills romance worse than a marriage with constant friction. Many women wonder why their husbands are no longer romantic. Ask the question: how often do I complain?
If this is you, embrace sweetness as soon as possible. Show that you forgive him by not complaining about some of the things you world normally fuss about. Become radically tolerant and allow your sweetness to flow and watch romance return. A woman’s sweetness transforms.

Wear Seductive Lingerie
You should know by now that a man is seduced into romance by what he sees. If he likes what he sees, he will often respond immediately. Therefore, you should wear different styles of lingerie. This move is very significant. A man can get tired of seeing sameness. Keep him astonished with different views of yourself. He will look forward to your surprises.
Remember his eyes are always searching for newness. You compete with another woman for his attention whether you know it or not. So keep him excited.
Give Him Special Messages
Nothing feels more special to a man than a relaxing massage after a stressful day at work, especially when you desire to do it. All you have to do is surprise him from time to time with a special message. You can be as creative as you like. Let your imagination run wild.
Remember you are giving him a special massage, not just any old massage. So give him something that will keep him coming back for more.
Keeping romance alive in a marriage or relationships is a twenty-four-hour affair. Often you may get so caught up in daily responsibilities (especially if you have kids) that you marriage takes a back seat. Don’t allow this to happen. Your marriage and love for your spouse are more important than anything else. Keep in mind that in any relationship, a potential breakup is always knocking at the door.
Practice these moves and keep your marriage filled with love and romance.

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