Many couples wonder when the time is right to get married. Some look at outward circumstances such as financial success while others look on the inside toward the overwhelming passion and joy they feel about the other. However, there are usually signs that indicate that couples are ready for marriage. If you are one of those couples who are still uncertain, all we have to do is identify these signs and act upon them when the time is right. You are ready to marry when:
You Feel Deep Intimacy for Your Partner Only
If the way you feel about a partner cannot be replaced by anyone else, regardless of how beautiful and charming he or she may be, you are in love. Another could offer you the world and all its possessions, but that wouldn’t be enough to make you leave the one you love.
You Have Already Planned Your Future Together
When you have already planned your future together(career, marriage, children and retirement)you are ready to get married. Early planning for the future is typical for those who are madly in love. The two of you just can’t see yourselves living without the other.
You Want to Spend 100% of your time with him or her
If you just can’t stand not being around your partner, not even for a minute, then you are in love and ready to say, “I do.” It hard to be at work without calling to say,” I Love you.” Because you can’t wait to get by her side, you rush home from work. Sometimes you wish running the red light wasn’t a law.
Your People Have Accepted Him or Her as Part of the Family
Never think that the way family members feel isn’t much of a factor in your desire to marry. The reaction of family and friends will be a big factor. Couples who get married without a least 50% of the family approval may have to face a sense of rejection time and time again.
I know couples who went on and got married when nearly 99% of the family disapproved of the married because of certain suspicions they had of the partner. As a result, the couple lived in a capsule of loneliness because there were no welcoming family members. The relationships eventually ended, not because of the family, but because the suspicions of the family were eventually realized.
You Can’t Wait to Say, “I Do.”
The desire to be united is overwhelming. As the wedding day nears, you feel increasingly excited to say,” I do” to the one you love the most. You know it’s not true, but sometimes you are tempted to believe that someone is going to steal your lover away before the wedding day arrives. Such feelings are evidence that you are ready to get married.
You Will Die for Him or Her, If Necessary
Nothing can stop the love you share with your partner. You love her so much you would be willing to take a bullet for her if necessary. You don’t expect such time of danger will come, but if it does, you are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the one you have given your heart to.
If these signs are operating in your realization ship, it may be time to start thinking about uniting in Holy Matrimony with your partner forever. Go for it. Don’t waste time in uncertainty. Life is short.