Why Romantic Timing is Everything

Romantic timing means an awareness and perception of when to express love and when to celebrate intimacy in our marriage or partnership. Such commitment to romantic timing will create a consistent flow of joy and happiness in our relationship.
Stressful conditions and circumstances are always coming into our marriages and relationships and disrupting our intimacy and closeness. If we are not aware and perceptive of these divisive forces, our time and attention will be caught up in the daily grind, and our marriages will suffer.
Countless marriages have ended in divorce because of inattentiveness. Because they spent less and less time together, couples just lost their thrill for one another. As a result, they ended up in the divorce court. The goal is not to let this happen to your marriage or relationship.
Good marriages are on guard against three culprits of wrecked marriages or relationships that have lost the glamor of love and intimacy. These culprits include splitting forces, lack of communication, and physical disconnection. When we perceive these three culprits are sneaking into our relationships, it is time to raise the romance flag.
Splitting Forces
We know that splitting forces are at work when overwhelming circumstances come into play. These forces threaten to take away all of our time for one another. Financial struggles, career obligations, or outside family matters tend to make demands on our emotional and physical strength. In the end, we are too exhausted to entertain intimacy and romance.
But don’t let these splitting forces derail the love and intimacy in your relationship. As soon as you recognize these culprits, stop everything and make time for the one you love. Schedule to spend time together; plan a dinner date or a weekend at a hotel.
One of the best decisions you can make in your marriage is to plan time to be intimate with one another, even if it’s only a few hours in a day. No career is more important than having someone special to love and share this life with.
Lack of Communication
A familiar culprit which has wrecked millions of marriages, communication shortage must be guarded against on a daily basis. A communication line between you and your spouse must be maintained without reservation. Spoken words of endearment and appreciation, small love notes, written throughout the month, and love songs  frequently dedicated to one another are all strategies for keeping the marriage strong through communication.
Don’t allow a lack of communication to occur in your relationship. Good communication brings purpose and meaning to our togetherness. We gain energy and strength out of positive and constructive communication. But when we stop talking, danger is near.
Lack of communication brings about loneliness, depression and anguish within our souls and spirits. If we don’t fall out of this slump, our marriage or relationships can surely become a causality.
Physical Disconnection
Being miles away from one another can pose a threat to our marriage, but physical disconnection goes beyond this. A man and woman can live together under the same roof without ever touching one another.
You can tell when couples are ready to call it quits; no physical touching exists in the relationship: no hugging, no holding hands, no kissing.
If this is happening in your relationship, stop whatever you are doing and have a serious talk with your spouse or partner. Otherwise, the situation is only going to get worse. You must get to the bottom of it if you desire to save your marriage.
Many times couples are holding on to so much anger or bitterness than ever before. The first thing to do is to forgive and apologize, even if the situation wasn’t exactly your fault. Open up your heart and let the other know that it’s Ok. Forgiveness and acceptance without blame warm a cold heart. Radical forgiveness shows that you care and appreciate your spouse. As a result, the opportunity for intimacy and romance begins again.
Romantic timing consists of recovering the love and intimacy from the difficulties and challenges that threaten to engulf our time and energy. A good marriage demands that we spend time appreciating and celebrating our lives with the one we love.
The responsibility is up to us. We can allow these culprits-splitting forces, lack of communication; physical disconnection-to destroy our relationships, or we can use intimacy and romance as weapons against the forces that threaten to overthrow our marriages. Romantic timing is the key to victory.