The chief expectation of marriage is for two people to love, cherish and appreciate one another until the end of their days. They might have children, a career, and plenty of money. However, millions of marriages are wrecked by the negative interventions of family members, especially mother-in-Laws.
The story is told over and over again of how a toxic mother-in-law keeps meddling in the personal affairs of their marriage son or daughter. Before they know it, a married couple is standing in separate spaces in divorce court.
The sad fact is that many mothers hate to let go of their children and still attempts to control their lives way after they have become mature adults.
Nevertheless, a toxic mother-in-law can ruin your marriage for a lifetime if the situation isn’t handled with dignity and resolve.
A toxic mother-in-law can:
• Hinder you the growth of your marriage
• Dishonor spouse and disrespect you
• Destroy the intimacy out of your relationship
• Control your will regarding your partner
• Criticize the state of your personal affairs
• Diminish your man or womanhood
• Damage your reputation

These are just some of the ways a toxic mother-in-law can come in the relationship and hold your joy and happiness hostage. Complaining, controlling and blaming are the three weapons which characterize the toxic in-law.
For example, if you are a guy on the lower end of the success scale, a toxic mother-in-law might complain that you are not doing enough for her daughter; or if you are a woman on the lower in the success scale a toxic mother-in-law might think that you are not good enough for her son.
A mother-in-law might think that she is doing you and your spouse a favor. For example, she may suggest to you what kind of house to buy, how much money to spend, and how to discipline your children. She always criticizes your decisions the same way when you were young.
Nevertheless, you must be willing to resolve the situation without reservation. But the first to make sure that you are not encouraging toxic behavior from your mother-in-law. If you and your spouse are responding passively, in the relationship, both of you are contributing to the destruction of the marriage.
Stop right away. Arrange a meeting with your mother-in-law. Discuss every disturbance and never fear a negative response. If you are intimidated by or dependent on your mother-in-law for guidance and direction in your life, you are trapped and will remain largely unhappy. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Break the chains of limitation and become free to enjoy and prosper in your marriage.