To achieve excellence in your product or service, you must customize your niche. No business has ever been successful in the market without making a product or service its own. You may have purchased a company from another owner, but unless you change the brand name and make your unique appeal to the market- place, you will most likely fail as a new business.

Many advantages exist for those who customer Mize their products or services, including convenience, differentiation, competitiveness and profitability.


When you customize your business, you feel comfortable with your products because you make them your own.  For example, if you purchase a website from another owner, you must customize it by modifying the logo, fonts, titles, etc. You must make it your own for your brand to become known in the marketplace.

If you make it your own, you will understand the details of your business from top to bottom. Therefore, you are not afraid to answer your customer’s inquiries or complaints when things go wrong because you have mastered your business in the marketplace.


When you customize your products or service, you separate your business from similar ones who are attempting to win over customers. You can customize many aspects of your business, including marketing strategy, product quality or customer service. The more things you customize about your business, the more you separate yourself from competitors, the more unique you can become in the eyes of potential customers.


Customization increases your competitiveness among your rivals. You become a unique brand. You have the opportunity to give customers a new look, new option, or a better bargain. Customers are always looking for new brands which will satisfy their needs or desires.  For example, if a customer is tired of a rival’s brand of service, he or she will be looking for a new brand which just might lead them to you.


When you customize your products and services, your business has an opportunity to become extremely profitable. When you offer a different brand or a better quality of service or a unique product, you can gain a great share of the marketplace. As a result, your business increases in revenue year after year. Customers begin to trust in what you have to offer them. They leave the competition and become loyal to you.

Customization must be a top priority if you desire to separate your products or services from those of the competition. If you offer a brand that customers are used too, then you will lag behind the competition which is already dominant in the product or service. Therefore, you must, by all means, customize.