Healthy Living for Body, Mind and Spirit


Vitality, strength and confidence are intrinsic rewards for those who desire to make healthy changes for the sake of living a happy and fulfilled life. However, many withdraw from major changes because they have failed many times or because making lifestyle changes may demand uncomfortable adjustments to your everyday habits and routines.

But there is no need to worry. Whether you have failed one time or hundred times over the year, you must pick yourself back up and commit to becoming healthy. Embracing a healthy lifestyle means that you appreciate life and longevity by taking care of your body and increasing your metabolism!

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy lifestyle change starts by eating natural foods or foods without preservatives, including frozen foods which you can easily prepare by placing these items in the Microwave over.  These food items are full of salt and other dangerous ingredients.


Instead, eat organic fruits and vegetables as often as you can. These food items are lack pesticides and others chemicals designed to kill weeds and insects. However, just getting into the habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables means that you have come a long way in choosing a healthy diet.

Having a pizza from time to time is alright. But stay away from store bought pizza. Get it fresh and cooked from a pizza restaurant.  At least, it will be healthier than a preserved pizza from a grocery store freezer.

Physical Vitality

Next, you should exercise; you don’t have to do aerobics or any strenuous dance exercises. Simple exercises, including push-ups, sit-ups, jogging or fast walking will do wonders for your body and energy. Walking and running are good cardio exercises. Both gives you heart a workout if done consistently.

If you can join a healthy club and get workout advice, don’t hesitate. A scheduled exercise plan will be invaluable to your attempt at healthy living.

Mental Power

The mind needs exercise too. When you read, do word puzzles or play chess, you are exercises your mind. These mental exercises help you to stay focused and sharp. When you just let your mind wonder throughout life, you will lose some of your focusing power as well as the ability to think clearly.

Don’t sit around watching TV all day or daydreaming about things that keep you worrying about tomorrow or a year from now. Life is too short to live in the future.

Spiritual Power

Our spirit also needs exercise. Somedays we may feel down and out without even knowing why. The gift of meditation is a cure for a depressed spirit. Meditation empowers you. When we get quiet within our mind and heart, we begin to destroy the stress that has taken over our lives.

The best time to meditate is early in the morning. Your soul and spirit are more receptive to peace and quietness at this time. However, anytime you can get quiet and turn within, don’t hesitate to do it. Peace comes to our spirit when we take the time to quiet our minds and hearts.

The goal of making healthy lifestyle changes is to enjoy life. If you follow these tips, you will do quite well. No one wants to feel hampered by unpleasant or painful body symptoms. Healthy living allows you to live a long, energetic and prosperous life.


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