Obtaining a Sense of Fulfillment in Fatherhood


Being a great father is one of the most important obligations in the practice of fatherhood. Obtaining a sense of fulfillment in fatherhood is the result of raising value oriented children.  The goal is to develop children who champion character and embraces initiative for great causes in society.

No father who values his reputation and who cares about the image of his family wants to be accused of neglecting to raise up value-oriented children.  Weak and disorderly children are the curse of a father who has no dignity or self-respect.

Successful children just don’t raise themselves to be exceptional.  If this misconception were accurate, all children would be outstanding, both character and academics.

Children must be guided into greatness. They must be taught how to appreciate wholesome values such as courage, persistence, and appreciation for achievement in life.  When fathers develop winning qualities within their children, these children have the potential to grow up to be movers and shakers in society.

But a sense of fulfillment cannot come until we as fathers have done our duty.  If we neglect this obligation, (fearing rejection from your children) then you will likely raise children with several moral and ethical challenges, children who will not only cause us problems but also create problems in society. As a result, our reputation a good father will be ruined.

Great fatherhood begins with a major commitment to do whatever it takes to raise children who are going to make a difference in the world.

Appreciation for Life

One of the most important values a  father must establish within the heart of a child an appreciation for life. He communicates within the importance of life and its brief existence. The child must understand that time is a gift and every day counts toward the pursuit of greatness.

A child with an appreciation of life will not waste time in not making every day count. Children who possess an appreciation for life will not waste their time hanging out with others who desire to cause trouble in society.  He or she will not see the need to join gangs, do drugs or attempt to destroy the progress of others.

Children who appreciate life will possess a mindset that wants to see all people progressing in the community in which he or she lives.  Anything less progressiveness is a waste of time and effort.

The Unfortunate Truth

It is quite obvious that many youths in today’s society don’t have an appreciate for life. They live their lives dangerously. They disrespect their parents; they text while driving; they misbehave badly in school and love good times more the gifts and rewards of character and hard work.

As a result, tens of thousands of parents suffer from the poor choices their children make in society. These poor choices include mistreating others, spending like there is no tomorrow, just drifting through life without long terms goals or dreams.

Many parents suffer the consequences of seeing their children on drugs, in gangs, incarcerated or suffering an early death.

However, you as a father don’t have to suffer this kind of reality with your children if you are determined to raise them the way they should go in life.  Fathers who have a sense of fulfillment know that they have done their joy very well. Whatever happens after such awesome responsibility is left up to God.


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