Obtaining a Sense of Fulfillment in Marriage


A sense of fulfillment in marriage is crucial to sustained growth and happiness.  If you and your husband are always on bad terms, yelling and fighting one another, you must discover what issues are interfering with your sense of fulfillment.  Chances are you, and your spouse is making some mistakes in the relationships.

Build Trust

It is a big mistake to put trust aside in a relationship.  Such decision will stop the sense of fulfillment in a relationship simply because there is a belief that the other person is not playing fair. Usually, couples get themselves in this type of predicament when one spouse been unfaithful in the marriage.

However, trust must be regained by a sincere determination to trust despite what may occur.  You must be willing to trust your husband or your wife, even if you end up getting hurt again. This trust is the only way to freedom in marriage.

Embrace Intimacy

If a man or woman fears intimacy in a relationship, growth toward oneness cannot occur. The practice of intimacy connects souls together, resulting in oneness. But if couples fear to tell their partner how much they mean to them, then there will always be a sense of distance. The effective expression of intimacy means that you must be in touch with your emotions.

People who lack the expression of intimacy are afraid or ashamed of feelings. Emotions embarrass them and make them feel small.

However, if you can express intimacy,  you can make your spouse feel like the most important person in your world, and you will create a sense of fulfillment within your partner time and time again.

Relationships without intimacy are dead, even though the couple may still live together for years to come.

Stop Complaining

One negative activity that will zap a sense of fulfillment out of marriage is the tendency for one or both partner to complain constantly. Some couples complain about everything almost every day. However, no one desires to be around people who never appear to be satisfied and always have an attitude.

Such a negative person can change a happy atmosphere into one of gloom and doom. The moment a complainer walks into a room is also the moment when Joy walks out of the door.

Eliminate complaining or the marriage will continue to go downhill until there is little chance of obtaining a sense of fulfillment. Usually, at this point, couples withdraw and ponder divorce. If the marriage does continue, it is only for the sake of children or convenience.

Obtaining a sense of fulfillment in marriage and sustaining it is a relationship characterized by dedication to trust, intimacy and empowerment.  This type of marriage must be earned. You must give your husband or wife the best of you every day.

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