Drinking Kool Aid: What a Wonderful Choice!

Maria 7176

Drinking Kool-Aid to quench a thirst is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially if you are coming off a long hike in the woods or playing outdoor basketball on a hot day in the park. Kool-Aid is a traditional drink which has been around since your great grandparents.

Kool-Aid is a fantastic drink. Several reasons exist for my choosing such long favored and tasty drink.

A healthy drink

One thing that makes Kool-Aid a delicious drink is its health benefits. Kool-Aid doesn’t have all the chemicals and artificial sugars you find in soft drinks or other exotic concoctions. Many soft drinks are filled with High Fructose Syrup, which is highly unhealthy for people, resulting in unnecessary weight gain.

With Kool-Aid, you don’t have to worry about too much sugar. You can make and drink Kool-Aid as tart as you would like to drink it.  You can even add natural fruits such as oranges, apples, and Bananas as an added treat.

Economic Benefit

Kool-Aid is affordable. With a few dollars you can buy a supply of this tasty powdered drink which can last for up to a month or more.  Sometimes I buy a pack of 20 for under five bucks. This supply can last over a two month.   Imagine how much money you can save compared to people who buy a weekly case of soft drinks.

The only other ingredients you need with Kool-Aid are water and a slight addition of sugar.

Choice of Colors

Kool-Aid gives you a choice of delicious flavors and colors, including cherry, lemon, orange, grape, raspberry, and apple. Whatever taste you desire at the time, you can whip up a big jug of Kool-Aid in less than 3 minutes.

One of the reasons Kool-Aid was, and still is so popular with other childhood friends and me is the sight of all the colors popping out at you.

So to be or not to be a Kool-Aid lover is the question.  Once you start drinking Kool-Aid, you might just become passionately obsessed with the most popular and healthy power drink on the market.