If You Desire Fresh, Healthy Teeth, Brush them like a Champ


Keeping your teeth white and healthy is a must if you desire to keep your natural teeth instead of replacing them with false ones. People who don’t brush their teeth on the regular suffer from all types of teeth issues, including cavities, rotten teeth,  gingivitis, a gum disease, and terrible breath.

Multiple dental visits will result in a toothless existence, with partials or a complete set of false teeth that are hard to keep secure when eating certain types of foods.  That’s a scary issue.

To keep your teeth healthy and clean, you must commit to taking care of them both morning and night. You must determine you are not going to be distracted by early morning laziness or late-night drowsiness.  Producing and maintaining healthy teeth must be earned.  It is a practice that must become a lifestyle.

Brushing your teeth day and night will bring results within a week. You will not only feel the difference; you will see the difference. The brightness of your teeth will be apparent, and your mouth will feel fresh and clean. With the right toothpaste and mouthwash, even sensitive or failing teeth will improve over a short period.


At first brushing, your teeth may be a slight burden.  You may feel that you don’t have time to brush your teeth day and night. However, practice makes perfect.  Don’t back down from this.  If you feel that you want to quit, push yourself to go forward. Soon you will be brushing your teeth like a champ, and years from now you will appreciate your diligence.

Products You’ll Need

Mouth Wash

Listerine Ultra Clean: this product offers some benefits, including controlling tartar buildup, killing plaque & gingivitis, germs.


ACT: Restoring or Advanced care, with plague guard.  This product kills germs, helps prevent plaque and helps gingivitis and freshens breath.

Tooth Paste

3M ESPE Clinpro 5000, anti-cavity toothpaste, with Tri-Calcium Phosphate, this outstanding brand of toothpaste must be purchased from your local dentist office.


SENSODYNE: with Repair- Protect, or the same brand with different protecting ingredients.


Whichever of the two brands of Mouthwash or Toothpaste you decide to use, both brands can do wonders if you are consistent.

Start with the Mouthwash: Listerine or the ACT brand.  Follow the instructions for whishing your mouth. I usually swish the mouthwash around in my mouth for at least for two minutes before I release it. This practice loosens up food particles that have gotten caught between the teeth.

This rinsing activity also kills gems and prevents bad breath, which can turn people off quite quickly, especially at work and in the community.

Next, use whichever brand of toothpaste you prefer, brushing your entire teeth and gum area. Brush slowly with a slight up and down motion.  If you have sensitive teeth, use a very soft toothbrush. You will experience the sensitivity go away during the process.

Before I start using these brands, my entire mouth ached, both teeth and gums. I could hardly chew my food for the pain. However, when I started using these brands of dental products, my teeth and gum improved greatly.  The sensitivity left. My teeth became white, and my gums begin to heal.

I had found an answer to my failing teeth and gums. Soon I was brushing my teeth day and night almost automatically. It became a style.

I must caution you. Everyone experience is the difference. Consult with your dentist often while taking care of your teeth.  He or she is a professional. They will inform you of any serious condition that you might be overlooking.




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