Adopting an Innovative Mentality: The Sense of Ownership in the Workplace



Wonder why you haven’t got a raise or promotion? Chances are you haven’t been innovative enough on in your niche. Being innovative on your job can produce great results, especially when it comes to productivity, quality and customer service. No company or organization has become great without people with a mindset of innovation.

Innovative people often get the promotions and big raises because they solve problems.

Fundamental Approach to Innovation

To become an innovative person, you must discover ways to improve the productivity, quality and people in your niche.  The wonderful thing about this activity is that you don’t have to be the manager in charge.

The Workplace

A Continuous Improvement Mentality

One of the biggest mistakes you and I often make as regular employees is that we fail to search for improvement within the organization in which we work. A non-innovative worker is only concerned about getting his or her work done and going home at the end of the day.

However, the innovative mentality searches for ways to improve in at least four areas: processes, productivity, and quality and customer service.


As an employee with a sense of ownership, examine the processes which you execute each day. Look for ways to improve the process. Can you find ways to reduce time or increase accuracy between interdepartmental processes? Maybe you can reduce packaging or delivery time by combining similar processes.


Look for ways to improve productivity. Can you reduce the number of minutes it takes to assemble and package a product? If you can reduce the number of minutes it takes to produce an item; then you can increase productivity.


The quality of the product or service your organization presents to the customer makes a big difference in impressing them.  You must produce a product that is competitive with that of the rival down the street.  Customers go where they can find products which provides months or even years of usefulness.  Quality does count.

Customer Service

Pleasing the customer is the hallmark of a successful organization or company. If the customer can feel a constant satisfaction with your product or service, then you have won his heart from the persuasion of the competition.

Customers will be happy to come to a place where the products or service is great and where they are genuinely treated.

From Now On Adopt a Sense of Ownership

If you have a continuous improvement mindset, you will always be on the lookout for ways to improve the operation of your workplace.  The People who get promoted in companies are the ones who help reduce cost; increase the quality of served and improves customer loyalty. All employers look for such a person to join their team.

Therefore, never again look at your job as just a job. It is an opportunity to become a person of innovation, a person who isn’t content with being just an ordinary employees who come to work and returns home.  An innovative employee reaches to the top because he or she has adopted a sense of ownership.






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