Eight Appealing Signs that You Have Found Your Mister Incredible


You feel alive, excited and passionate about life once again. You are delighted that the universe has given you a gift unmatchable to anything you have ever had but has always wanted: it is given you the desire of a lifetime: Mister Incredible.
Sign # 1: Surprises

He is full of surprises. When you are with him, you never know what to expect. One day you could be having a fancy dinner a prestigious restaurant; the next week you could be a surprise trip to New York City. Yes, he has the money to float from place to float. So boredom and sameness do not exist in your world when he’s around.
Sign # 2 Physical Assets

His physical assets are what you always dreamed of. He is tall and handsome, or short with broad shoulders, or thin with a nice slim waist. Whenever you see him, his smile transforms your worst days into joyful memories.
Sign #3 Obsessiveness

His influences cling to you day and night. Something he did or said just captivates your thought life and makes your heart sing love songs. Sometimes you dedicate a song to him and fall even more deeply in love than before.

Sign#4 Strong Sensitivity

His treatment of your feelings is more therapeutic than the doctor’s best encouragement. He is sensitive to your needs and desires. When you need a back rub, he is more than willing to provide the comfort. Your mister incredible is willing to meet your desire with satisfaction guaranteed.
Sign#5 Verbally Appealing

All his verbal appeals can turn your life into a symphony. At the sound of his voice, your heart melts into a substance sweeter than honey. You might think you hear music in the heavens.
Sign#6 His Flaws are Perfect

He is not perfect. But his flaws are like gems. You appreciate them as who he is, and you can live with this decision forever. You no longer desire to change him, but you will happily embrace him as he is.
Sign#7 Humorous

His habits are humorous. They make you laugh whenever you see them. If Mister Incredible leaves his socks on the floor and his glass half full of orange juice, you see these habits as silly gestures staying emotionally connected.
Sign#8 Key to Your Joy and Happiness

He is the key to your joy, happiness and reason for moving forward in life. Before you met him, you weren’t sure where your life was going. You were just clinging to the little hope you had left and wished the best could happen. Then he appeared. Your sanity returned. With him, you feel secure and highly appreciated.
Thank God! You are no longer lonely. Your Mr. Incredible has arrived

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