Criteria for Finding a Good Wife: Seven Defining Questions Men Need to Ask before Getting Married


As men in love, we would like to think that our future wives, who are the queens of our lives, have given their heart completely to us. Our dream may be is to marry her, take care of her and create a family that we can be proud of. However, many times, after the marriage vows have been made, we discover that our love mate is not as mesmerizing as we had hoped. We find ourselves entrapped in a web of complaints and dissatisfaction in our marriages. However, in order to give yourself a chance of choosing and building a beautiful marriage, you must be aware of several warning signs before we take your soul mate’s hand in marriage. You must look back over the course of your relationship and ask yourselves several questions.

Did she gladly except your ring when you proposed to her?

You should beware if your “one and only” made you feel small and inadequate when you presented her with a ring. If a woman loves you, she should accept your ring because she loves you for who you really are. Beware when she thinks she deserves more than you can afford. You must reexamine your relationship before getting married. She may not be willing to accept you as you are. But just don’t wait to discover this after you marry her. There are times when she might make unseasonal demands on your ability to support her materialistic lifestyle.

Does she put the concerns of her family between you and her?


When your lover is always running to the aid of her family, despite the fact that you have made special plans for the both of you, then you need to talk. Her obsession with family matters can ruin bonding that supposes to occur between you and her. When in-laws are always coming over with issues without prior arrangement, then boundaries need to be established. You and your potential bride will need solid time together in order to build a strong relationship.

Does she always talk about how romantic her ex-boyfriend was?

If you always find the one you love thinking and talking about how much fun she has experienced with previous boyfriends, then you have something to think about. Her mind should be on you and the life that you and she are about to experience. Her dreams, as well as yours, should be centered on the joy of building a family together.

Does she try to embarrass you before her friends?

When she is around her friends, does she talk down to you? If she complains about your style of communication or what you are wearing in the company of her friends, she may be embarrassed by your appearance and character and will try to change you in order to satisfy her lofty expectations.

Does she encourage you in your endeavors?

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Your dreams and ideas should be as important to her as they are to you. If she doesn’t support any of your pursuits and always thinks that her ideas are right, then she may consider her life and what she desires is more important than what you desire. However, both of you should be equally supportive of one another’s growth and ambition. That’s one of the purposes for the marriage.

Is she willing to do some of the things you like even though she might not like to?

There are many things that we like to do that our spouses would rather not do. But sometimes it is a good idea, for the sake of love, to do things we don’t want to do in order to please one another. If she never takes that route with you, then will she be willing to sacrifice when you need her the most. Ask yourself. Moreover, God forbid, but if you become disabled will she still want to stay with you.

Does she  flirt with other men while she is with you?

When you and the love of your life is out on the town together, does she give undue attention to other men in her surroundings. If she goes out of her way to speak to other men, strangers, in your company, then you must determine if you are really the one she wants instead of what she needs.

These are important signs to look for before you marry her. In a time when divorces are at an all-time high and steadily rising, your choice in marriage must be based more on character than on gorgeous looks. A pretty, delicate fox today can transform themselves into a howling wolf tomorrow. Therefore, you must avoid being suddenly hypnotized by beauty alone. A woman who loves you for what you are is closer to the right one for you.

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