The Art of Perfecting Your Niche


Becoming in expert in any endeavor takes time and extreme practice.  Unless you are willing to fail and get back up time and time again, you will most likely give up on your pursuit of excellence.  Consistent practice will enable you to perfect your craft.

However, you must first acknowledge that achieving success is difficult. If you refuse to understand the hardness, then you will easily become discouraged after one or two failures. You will think that the dream was not for you to achieve.  But this sort of thinking is a mistake that will cause you to abandon your journey.

Becoming  Perfect

Once you acknowledge the challenges to perfecting your craft, you should discover what aspects of your craft that gives you the most trouble and connect more fully with these weaknesses.  Practice them over and over again until the execution of them become perfect.

For example, if you are attempting to become a professional public speaker, you must speak on every opportunity that presents itself, regardless of the cost.  Go for it.  At the beginning of becoming a great communicator, you will mostly likely feel awkward and uncomfortable speaking before an audience.


However, be willing to feel awkwardness initially and suffer embarrassment for the perfection of your craft or niche.  What you are usually feeling are the effects of a misconception you have to yourself or other people.

In the past, we have been taught to disparage our ability to accomplish greatness in life. So we don’t give ourselves much respect when it comes to comparing ourselves with others who appear to be more educational, intellectual or more athletically endowed.

Debunk the Myth

Don’t believe this myth one iota of a second. Each human being was created equally in the sight of the Creator, and each person has unique talent and purpose in the earth. The practice of perfecting our talents and gifts is the hallmark of success.

To stay motivated, we need to enlist the most positive people within our lives. These people will encourage and inspire jus when we feel like giving up. Great success is difficult to achieve on our own. We must have positive others who have our best interest in mind.

The Reason for  Greatness

Great people who have made the world better by showcasing their talents will tell you that it would have been impossible for them to success without those who have accepted for the flaws and all.

When others accept us without judgement, then we gain considerable trust and become more confident in demonstrating our gifts and talents.

Enlist Positive People in Your World

Therefore, find others who are attempting to achieve perfection in the same niche you have choosing to perfect.  For example, if you are attempting to perfect your public speaking, you should enroll in an organization such as Toast Master or Dale Carnegie Speaking Programs.  These programs will help you accelerate in perfecting your craft.

Second Nature

Once you have practiced your craft or niche until it becomes second nature, you have achieved your dream of perfection.  Great public speakers no longer fear to stand before others and to deliver a dynamic speech.

Once you reach this perfection,  you will be in demand. Others seek out those who are excellent in what they do.  People will desire to know how you made it to the top. They will want to hear our faboulous testimony.  This is the reward of perfecting your craft or endeavor.

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