Warcraft- the Summer Sci-fi/Fantasy Movie: A Review


Warcraft, the sci-fi/fantasy movie is a wonderful attraction for all ages.  Warcraft is directed by Duncan Jones. The movie is full of dynamic main characters. However, there are only two true  enemies: Orcs and humans.


The evil Orc Gul’den (daniel Wu) wanted to escape his dying world and take over the world of humans. He uses his dark magical power to open up the portal between the human world and the world of the Orcs.


However, Gul’den did have help from the human side. The guardian or Medivh, (played by Ben Forster), had been using his powers to help open up the portal between the two worlds so that Orcs could get through and control humans.  It wasn’t clear why xx wanted to help the evil demon Orcs to open the portal. Even xx may not have known why he did it.

My speculations are that the demon Orcs Gul’den took control of his mind and forced him to become an evil saucier.  Nevertheless, Medivh was mortally wounded by his creation during his recitation of the evil cantations which would have allowed the Orcs to crossover through the gate into the human world.


While watching the movie, I enjoyed the performance of the Garona, a half-breed between human and Orcs.  Although she was half human, she displayed a sense of strength and beauty throughout the movie and was one of the reasons which kept my eyes glued to the action.

Garona (Paula Pattern) played a highly sensitive  half-breed ,Orc/human character who practically knew what others were thinking and feeling. Her beauty, her gorgeous body, and her sensitivity are what made her stand out among characters.

Her heroic deed near the end of the movie solidified her importance to the sci-fi/fantasy production.


I also liked the performance of the gentle Orc Durotan (Toby Kebbell).  Although he was a great Orc warrior, he also was a gentle giant who was smart enough to recognize the evil intentions of the Gul’den and was courageous enough to challenge the demon Orc for the sake of his clan.

King Llane Wayan

Although the King Llane Wayan’s (Dominic Cooper) part was somewhat shallow, he did display a remarkable sense of courage and fortitude by sacrifices his life for the sake of his people. Had not he made such a magnificent decision, chances are the human world would have been wiped out.

Last but not least, Andun Lothar (Travis Fimmol), a true warrior who is naturally devoted to protecting the human kingdom, defeated the most fearsome Orcs for killing his son. The challenge was no match.

Comparison: Lord of the Rings

Also the great performances of the characters, I also was intrigued by the technical aspects of the movie. It certainly had characteristics of the Lord of the Rings.  The display of magical powers, the medieval costumes, the hugeness of the mighty Orcs and the class of armies, and the demonstration of swordplay were very fascinated and kept the view glued to the screen.

God See It!

The success of the production of the Warcraft movie certainly will have viewers waiting for others to arrive in the coming years.  Although the movie may leave you wanting more,  Warcraft is certainly worth going to see, especially if you are a fan of Lord of the Rings or similar sci-fi/fantasy movies.