What We Should Learn from the Orlando Florida Mass Killings

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It was bad! It was horrific! It was historic! The worst mass shooting in US history occurred early Saturday Morning at an Orlando Florida night club. The night club was  frequented  Gays and Lesbians, and this may have been  one of the reasons why Omar Mateen, an American with family roots in  Afghanistan, opened fire on hundreds of club goers, killing 50 people and wounding about 53 more.  The other reason for the deadly upheaval appears to have been pure terrorism.

Regardless of the religion, race or sexual identity, it is a pure act of evil to slaughter innocent people in cold blood.  God is the only judge of man. No man!

Nevertheless, the times we live in are becoming more dangerous by the day. Every few months a mass shooting seems to occur. The most recent mass shooting was the San Bernardino shooting, in which the shooters are targeting a workplace celebration and opened fire.

Nowhere is Safe

The reality is that a mass shooting can occur anytime at anyplace in America. No one knows where the next mass shooting will occur.  However, we can and must all become more aware of the times in which we live.   Unless we are more vigilant today, the next mass shooting just might be ten times worse, than the one that just impacted the country.

Therefore, we must be extremely watchful where we go.  To do this, we first must acknowledge that wherever we are we might be in danger.  When we are aware that something bad can happen in our surroundings, regardless of our location, then we have a mentality of awareness.

We Americans, who love freedom, must not walk around in paranoia, but we must keep a watchful eye on the people moving about in our environment.  For example, if we are walking in a Mall or out on a beach, we must not forget about the reality we are faced with today.

A Victim Can be Anyone

The victim of a mass shooting can be anyone.  Bullets have no eyes or respect of persons.  It pieces through the flesh of the young and the old, the popular and the unpopular, the rich and the poor as well as the authoritative and non-authoritative.

Just because you have a birthday party tomorrow, or just because you are starting college next month with all your life before you doesn’t mean a thing to a flying bullet.

The Safest Thing to Do

Whether you are alone or with friends, keep the idea that something bad can happen in the place you stand.  For example, if you are at a nightclub with a group of friends, enlist someone to always to be aware of what people are doing, what sounds are being heard, and what negative tensions are building up after a possible nightclub argument.

Be always at the ready to escape or hide from possible terror.  Don’t think you are a coward!  Understand that you are smart. Disaster often strikes at a time when we are unaware that something bad can happen.

In such times as these, we must adapt to the fact the terrorism of one kind or another has come to America.  But you can be one step ahead of it.


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