Hot Scholarships for the Aspiring Cosmetologist


Becoming a Cosmetologist requires both training and licensing. Cosmetologist becomes specialist in such areas as skin care, hair removal, manicure, pedicure, hair styling. Each activity offers a separate career. Individuals interested in a Cosmetologist career may be able to obtain a degree in two years or less. After taking a certification exam and obtaining a credible license, you will be allowed to settle in your career and prosper with the ever changing beauty trends. Individuals interested in Careers in Cosmetology have a wide variety of scholarships from which to choose.
National Coalition of Estheticians Manufacture Scholarships
Award: $1000
Scholarships are for students pursuing an esthetician course of study and who is affiliated with the school of American Association of Cosmetology Schools. A 3.0 GPA and enrollment in a two or four-year institution is required. Award is available to both U.S and non-U.S citizens.
Joe Francis Hair care Scholarship Program
Award: $1000
Students must perform successfully in academics and demonstrate financial need. A dedication to the field of cosmetology is required. Student must be planning to enroll in a two or four-year institution and must also be a U.S citizen.
US Achievement Scholarship Fund
Award: $5000
Scholarship is for students who are new as well as qualified in their pursuit of professional achievement. Award must be used for college expenses such as books, living facilities, tuition and food. Students must demonstrate academic excellence and other accomplishments.
Education & Career
An education in Cosmetology requires completing courses in every aspect of Cosmetology. Such courses will most likely include introduction and conception of cosmetology, contemporary design, make-up applications, business principles and product knowledge. Graduates will be skilled in designing permanent waves, pedicures, facials and a variety of other specialties. Moreover, after receiving a diploma or associate degree, a student will be qualified to take her state’s cosmetology license exam.
Salary & Employment
The salary of a Cosmetologist can be very lucrative, especially when you calculate tips, product sales, in addition to the hourly wage or salary received from a salon or spa. Cosmetologists who are self-employed can earn even more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cosmetologist can make up to $28,730 a year. Salon owners can make many times more.

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