Become a New You by Making an Effective Lifestyle Change


Joyfulness, newness and a sense of adventure are the rewards of an effective lifestyle change. To Chang habits, routines, and attitudes which are toxic to our growth and character is the hallmark of personal excellence.  Either we change our old ways of doing things, or we miss out on the opportunities of creating a better quality of life.

Our biggest mistake is to try to hold on to what doesn’t work because it makes us feel more comfortable in our skin.  However, if we continue to hold on to that which is stagnant, then we will become the most miserable people in our world.

The right thing to do is to examine our lives and discover the areas in which we need to change and then begin the process.  Newness might be a little scary, but if we desire to avoid stagnation, we must move forward through our fears.


5 Ways to become a New You

Change Perception

To make a significant lifestyle change, you must see yourself as being the person you desire to be way before the evidence of physical change. If you cannot visualize yourself being the person you want to be, you will not have the momentum to press forward when things get difficult.

People lose hope when they cannot see their new selves beyond the difficulties which are plaguing their lives at the moment.  A positive perception of yourself gives you great hope to achieve the lifestyle change necessary to live a wonderful and joyful life.

Change habits

All habits should be instrumental in moving your life forward.  Any habits which hinder your life and prevents positive change needs to go.  You must examine your life and identify those habits which are not in your best interest to continue embracing.

Once identified, change the negative habits to positive ones.  At first, change in habits will feel awkward and uncomfortable. You might even feel like you are faking. However, if you hang in there until the awkwardness is gone, you will feel brand new.

Change routines

Routines are the things we do every day such as getting up in the morning and showering, eating breakfast and going to work. However, we leave work and return home again.  Sometimes a lifestyle change means creating new routines.

For example, you may have a dream of starting your own business and leaving the 9 to 5 behind. This decision will be a major routine change, but necessary if you are tired of working for other companies and making them rich.  The idea of being your own boss may be frightening, but without the ability to take risks, a significant lifestyle change will elude us.  Risk brings newness and adventure but also opens up the possibility of loss.

Change negative friendships

An achiever ignores negative advice and refuses to hang around people who may not have your best interest in mind.

If you desire to make a significant lifestyle change, you must let some people go as well as welcome new and positive people into your life.

Embrace a deeper level of spirituality

A lifestyle change can be a lonely ride. Even when you are doing it with others, you will probably experience moments of discouragement and meaninglessness.   A ritual consisting of meditation and prayer will go a long way in providing strength for the change.

The cost of change

Although a lifestyle change can be an exciting adventure, the change will also be costly.  The greatest cost will come in the form of relationships. You might lose the admiration of a friends or family members who feel forsaken by the new you.

The high benefits of change

What can you expect from a new lifestyle? Besides enjoying a new way of living, you will possess increased confidence. Nothing will be impossible to you.  Your commitment will inspire people. You will be a role model and a personal icon to true friends and appreciative loved ones.

Lifestyle Change: A Worthwhile Endeavor

Nothing is more worthwhile than developing into a great character and showing those around that anything is possible if they are determined not to be stopped. Congratulations! You’re in the spot light kid.


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