Helping to Preserve Humanity by Reducing the Impact of Your Industry on the Natural Environment

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The human race must preserve the natural environment if it’is going to survive.  Water and air pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, and the construction of urban systems for the sake of man-made progress diminish the naturalness of life.

Without the natural environment, we are all doomed.  Fresh air, clean water, and uninterrupted ecosystems are necessities for the survival of both people and animals.

Industries that have a great impact on the natural environment must continue must discover ways to become greener. Reducing carbon footprints must be the goal of not only factors and organizations, but also individuals as well.

If your industry is making a negative impact on the natural environment, you must make every effort to help your organization to embrace the green mentality.


As an educator, I have an opportunity to make a very significant impact on the natural environment by teaching students how to reduce their carbon footprints both at home and at school. Teaching students about the chemicals in hair sprays, insect repellents, and other chemicals will go a long way in preserving the natural environment.


A green education should be incorporated into the curriculum of every school district. Sadly, this is not the case. Many teachers and administrators just don’t put enough emphasis on promoting the green movement.

Teaching the Next Generation

Since our students are the next generation, they should be taught to become avid leaders of the green movement. They should be taught innovative ways to increase the possibilities of fully eliminating dangerous emissions from automobiles, factories, and airplanes.

Students must be taught strategies to eliminate effectively or contain toxic waste dumps that erode soil and pollute rivers and streams.

The Future of the Planet

The future of the planet will be at the mercy of the next generation of individuals.  What they are taught about the green movement will equip them to defeat the forces that are attempting to destroy the natural environments.  Ecosystems which animals depend on upon for food and shelter must be maintained and not destroyed by man-made urban environments.

However, everyone must play a part. You and I must develop a green mentality, not only for us but also for our children and their children. We must start today instead of tomorrow. Use fewer chemicals, refuse to litter, only drive when it is necessary and fight for the planet.  Your effort is not in vain.


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