3 facts you should know if you want to form an unbreakable bond with your child

We can all agree that it takes an immense amount of effort to raise children with superior values and strong characters. Many parents believe that providing food, shelter and clothing for their children is enough to make them happy about being alive.

However, this type of thinking is a mistake.  There are millions of children who receive all the materialistic rewards of rich families, but yet their lives are miserable.  Such children never get to spend significant time with their parents.

Having family picnics, going for walks, watching a movie together and sitting down eating a Sunday meal is only a fantasy for some children. Time and time again they stare into the eyes of neglect. This lack of attention on behalf of the parents is one of the reasons for bad behavior in school and the community.


No Significant Bond with Parents

As a local spiritual as well as an academic teacher, I have dealt with children who have practically raised themselves. In the morning they get dressed, make their breakfast by themselves, and get on the bus for school, only to battle with the ADHD monster lurking within their minds.

One of the biggest problems is that the child has no significance bond with his or her parents.  So that child makes an act out in class or isolates himself from his classmates.  This activity can mean that a positive parent/child bond is nonexistent.

So if you are serious about creating an unbreakable bond with your child, you must place more emphasis on the value of your connection with the child.

3 facts every good parent must acknowledge:

Fact 1: Good parenting means opening up a constant communication line with your child. Always greet your child with optimism.  Smile and receive them with open arms when they walk through the door after school.  Don’t immediately command them to take out the trash or wash the dishes or else!

There is no love in such a cold command. Children need to know that you care about their well- being above everything else.

Speak kindly to your child. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Go for walks and talk about their lives instead of yours.

Fact 2: Good parenting means pointing your child in the direction of a personal vision for their lives. Children should understand why they are on planet earth: to make a difference in the world.  How many parents neglect this duty of preparing their children for the future? It’s a sad commentary.

Parents must not leave their children directionless. A sense of meaning and purpose in life will go a long way in preventing them from going astray.  In the end, they will thank you and appreciate you for your guidance and love.

Fact 3: Good parenting means being there for your child at all times. Not that you can be there physically with them. No one can be in two places at one time. What I mean is always make yourself accessible to them, especially when they are going through times of struggle and uncertainty.

When parents are present for their children, these children are less likely to get caught up in drugs, scams and other immoral activities. When children feel that no one cares, they are prospects for gang initiations and other forms of exploitations.

No other people on earth hold the power to transform the life of a child more effectively than the person who brought the child into the world: the parent.  Parents have a tremendous duty to guide and shape their children in the ways of excellence.  When this occurs, an unbreakable bond can be seen and acknowledge in the eyes of the world.