The ABC’s of Good Etiquettes: The Rewards and Value of Kindness in Business and Life


If you are serious about living a peaceful and joyful life, forsake rudeness in yourself as well as rudeness in others. Begin to practice good etiquettes wherever you go.  If you start today, then you will be on your way to happiness.  The practice of politeness will open doors and hearts in ways you never thought possible.

Consequences of Rudenesspatrisyu

No one who desires to live a profitable life wants to express rudeness. Toxic behavior doesn’t necessarily mean storming into a public place and yelling profanity at every man and woman you encounter. People can express rudeness by simply ignoring others or whispering behind their backs at work or in the community.

Selfishness is a type of rudeness that only thinks of itself. When you are a selfish person, the emphasis is only on you. You talk about your life and affair over and over again.  You’ll be lucky if you can even get a word in the conversation.

Dating becomes a failure when communication is one-sided.  Intimacy and trust cannot be developed unless the communication is a two-way affair.

Rudeness keeps us from the people we need for our lives to be profitable and worthwhile. As a result of this attitude, you’ll experience rejection and isolation wherever you go.

Rewards of Practicing Kindness

But kindness is a different factor, even though the practice of kindness can be difficult when others don’t show gratitude or appreciation for what we do and say on their behalf.

The reward of kindness is that it builds character and inspires happiness in the lives of other as well. When you can be kind in the face of hostility or rejection, you are a strong character.  Sooner or later you will find success running up to you.

Whether you are a person or organization, great success and the enjoyment of that success is the result of super kindness. For example, a salesperson must express kindness toward a prospective buyer to sell a product or service. Organization must practice understanding customer service to win over and maintain loyalty among customers.

You must practice good etiquettes before you can master it. Our natural tendency is to be selfish and afraid of expressing soft emotions such as kindness.  But once you master kindness you will experience a sense of freedom and creative expression.

Tips for Practicing Kindness

  • Speak to the people you meet whenever the time is right. If you are standing in a grocery store line or strolling in the neighborhood, find someone to greet.
  • Avoid spending too much time alone and isolated from others. Attend library and community events to meet people and make friends.
  • Give your boss an appreciation gift even though the two of you don’t see eye to eye most of the time.
  • Empower your thoughts by reading books, listening to audio tapes and looking at DVDs on making friends and influencing people.
  • Enjoy time together with one or two people you just met. Invite them out for dinner on the weekend or suggest a picnic in the park.

Your Life from now on

Accelerated growth, a higher quality of life,  a great character and many positive friends are the benefits of living a life of kindness.


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