Building Credibility with Customers: The Key to Guaranteed Progress in Business and Life


Credibility is the meat on the bone for any successful business. Without good credibility, a business will be passed over for a more reputable competitor.  If customers cannot trust you because of a shady reputation, you will have a hard time attracting and keeping customers.

The most important advice for establishing credibility is to avoid dishonesty at all cost. Never attempt to scam people.  Instead, strive to promote your credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Greedy and dishonest businesses which attempt to cheat their customers out of money never recover from such devious activity. Wherever they go, their reputation follows them.

The danger of dishonesty cannot be ignored.  Accelerated growth, loyal customers and a great chunk of the marketplace is the reward of great credibility.

Accelerated Growth

Customers rush toward an honest organization.  This deep attraction occurs because such businesses never make a guarantee to the customers who go unfulfilled. For example, if a business promises customers a 30% discount on services after so many years of loyalty, that business will fulfill this promise without reservation.

As a result, the customers are satisfied, and when customers are satisfied with a company, they will mostly likely tell friends and colleagues about you.  Your customer base grows and grown.

Loyal customers

Customers stay with services which create unforgettable experiences with them. If you look out for your customers and make sure their needs are effectively met, then you will most likely have them for life.  Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! This mantra must be repeated time and time again. Give the people what they want and success will follow.

Great chunk of the Marketplace

Your ever growing credibility will make you stand out among the competition. As a result, your business will gradually gain a good share of the marketplace. Customers everywhere will choose to buy from you because of the quality of your products and service.

Credibility is the key to progress in any business. Many friends I know have gone on to be presidents and leaders of great organizations and movements because of the credibility displayed in both their personal and professional lives.  So if you are serious about success in your endeavor, embrace the power of credibility once and for all.


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