Advice for Little Known Entertainers Who Want to Hit the Big Times

stuart Miles

Success in the entertainment industry requires you to be immensely passionate. The competition is so intense you will give up easily if you are solely relying on talent.

Millions of talented would-be entertainers have failed because they believed that the world would automatically embrace them because of their ability to sing a great tune, write a moving song or tell an outstanding joke.  Unfortunately, success in the entertainment world doesn’t work that way.

You must possess the passion and determination that moves mountains.  Popular icons of music, including Beyoncé Knowles, Taylor Smith, Justine Beaver, and Adelle succeeded because of their immense passion and determination to perfect their niche and push through episodes of failure and discouragement.

The first thing you want to do as an aspiring entertainer is to practice hard and long to perfect your talent. Remember the competition is immense.  You don’t want to expose your talent if it’s less than perfect.  Against the backdrop of established talent, failure would be automatic.

Your routines and schedule will often tell if you are serious about becoming a great entertainer. How many hours a day do you put into practice? Are you willing to practice over and over again with little or no sign of progress? Are you willing to eliminate all the distraction out of your life for a week, a month or even a year without being tempted to return to the distraction of family and friends?

If you said yes to the above questions you are on your way to rising to the top in your niche. However, you must use your talent to the utmost advantage.

Making Yourself Known throughout the Region and the World

Whether you are a song artist, an aspiring actor or a comedian, you must make yourself known throughout the world.  The platforms you’ll need to accomplish this include your local community, social media, and entertainment competitions.

Local Community

Start out small.  Connect with the people in your community first.  Ask if you can perform in local restaurants and bars around the city.  Find out about community gatherings and try to book performances among the events.

Many local communities have interesting events throughout the summer, including festivals, art shows, sporting events in local parks.  Don’t be afraid to ask whether or not you can put on a show. Remember that you must exercise determination and have the courage to ask. This activity is a big part of the determination.

Social Media Platforms

Expose your talents on social media platforms such as YouTube.  Thousands of artist display their talents on YouTube because it is a social media system which reaches the world. A video can go viral in minutes if it hits a significant cord with people.  This video can be yours.

Don’t get discouraged about negative responses you might find in the comment section of your YouTube video.  People have a tendency to resist you at first. The most interesting thing about the platform is that you can attract the type of fans that appreciate your music.  But the fans that don’t like your music have the right to give you thumbs down.

Never disparage yourself. The reality is that not every person has the same taste. One person might like a particular type of music or comedy while another might like everything you display.

Nevertheless, exposing your talents on Youtube is probably one the quickest one of making yourself known to millions across the world.

Other social media platforms include Facebook pages, Instagram, and Twitter.  Use these to further promote interest in your particular niche.

Entertainment Competition

One of the most profitable ways to make yourself known is to try to get on one of the leading talent shows, including the Voice, America Got Talent, or the X-Factor.

If you have perfected your talent and your social media and local fan show great interest in your talent, why not send a video of your work to one of the producers or simply go and try out for one of the talent trial competitions, either in your city or one nearby.

Be brave! Be bold! Your goal is to stand out in the crowd.  If you fail once, twice, or three times, get back up and try it again. Determination and deep passion are the keys to success.  I know of entertainers how had faced rejection time and time again but rose to the top of the mountain, surpassing the competition by leaps and bounds.

The world is always waiting for great entertainers to arrive on the scene.  Who knows! You might be the next Adele, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé’, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few who have and still is gracing our lives with the joy of music.